Groom’s Speech – Easier Said than Done

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

Wedding speeches are a part of tradition most people like. At the wedding reception, the one who gives the speech first is usually the bride’s dad, followed by the groom. The final speech given is the best man’s speech. Bride’s parents, by tradition, pay the wedding, so they should welcome their guests and therefore the father of the bride should speak first to say some words about his beloved daughter and a few positive comments about the groom, his son-in-law.

Then, there goes the groom’s speech. It should be given on behalf groom’s new wife. He should say loving and personal comments about his beautiful bride and to thank the people who have been helping him with organizing the wedding and being there for him for entire life. Even though the groom’s speech might be the easiest of these three main speeches, many grooms have difficulties writing and delivering it. You can easily get away with a short list of “thank yous” and several comments about how happy you are with your wife and how amazing and beautiful she is. But, if you aim higher, you might feel lost and confused.

We will suggest you the structure to build a successful groom’s speech. First of all, thank the first spokesman for the speech (most likely, father of your new wife). Then tell your love story. How did you meet your bride? What made her so attractive for you? This is the part where you will pretty easy get a laugh. Or, tell about the proposal and how it went on.¬†¬†Thank your new family for accepting and welcoming you and say a few positive comments about them. The most important thing is to thank them for bringing your new wife up to be the fantastic woman. Here you should thank your parents, also, for bringing you up to become such a handsome groom now. Don’t nauseate the wedding audience with too much sentimentality, but aim to make your mother cry in that expected nice way. Aim to make your new wife cry, too. This can be done by talking from the heart about what you adore about her and why you have chosen to marry her. Thank important people who helped you for the wedding, but don’t mention everyone present – your guests might get bored. So, pick out the most important ones. Also, don’t forget to toast the bridesmaids, since it’s an expected part of the groom’s speech.

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