Hot Wedding Photography Trends

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Misc Wedding Articles |

from aboveEverybody wants their photographer (as well as other wedding vendors) to know the latest trends and techniques and to make cutting edge wedding album. We’ve asked a successful photographer from Mirage Artistic Photography (enter to win their photography and videography giveaway!) about the shots that are totally now, but will still look fresh in 20 years. Let’s mention some of them!

  1. Proposal Shots – Some grooms (and brides, too) hire photographers to document their proposals, so that this emotional and important moment can be shared with others and relived later by the couple. This trend is fast-growing and it seems it will become “a must have” in years to come.
  2. Photo Booths & Social Media Networking – Together with unique props, photo booths have become increasingly popular and now they are going high-tech! Yes, with wi-fi and touch screens, contemporary photo booths allow your wedding guests to upload these fun photos immediately to social media.
  3. Day (or Two Days) After Shots – You know that a wedding day is a crazy-busy and, even if a photographers do their best to catch every little detail regarding your big day, it’s sometimes quite impossible. That’s why day-after shooting has gain its popularity with just-married couples. If you want to shoot in a location far away from the wedding reception spot or if lighting and time become an issue, think about a day-after session.
  4. From Above – One of the very effective ways to capture the spirit of the big day is taking overhead shots. In case there’s an overhead vantage point at the wedding venue, your photographer should give aerial shots a try. Interesting angles will make your wedding photo album mesmerizing!
  5. Selfie-Shots – No matter if you love or hate them, selfie shots have become our reality. In fact, some social-media-loving couples are even setting up a selfie station for their wedding guests to shoot themselves while having a great time at the wedding. It’s the part of the photographer’s job to catch authentic moments on your big day, so the documented guest selfies will surely add to a spontaneous and fun atmosphere at your big event.