Innovative Beach Wedding Invitation Ideas

Posted by on Sep 5, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

Beach WeddingFor engaged couples who plan to hold their wedding during the summer season, there’s no better theme than a beach wedding. The beach is the perfect place to take your marital vows and celebrate your first few hours as a married couple. To set the mood for your guests, a beach-themed invitation should be sent out. Ditch the usual invitation note cards you purchase in bulk, instead try unique and innovative beach wedding invitation ideas.

When you think about beach, the things usually associated with it are white sand, lots of sunshine, warm ocean breeze, and pristine waters. Incorporate these in your beach wedding invitation ideas to make the guests feel special when they receive their invitations. Here are some excellent invitation ideas you can use:


  • Message in a bottle invitation – surprise your guests by personally delivering invitations in a bottle. All it takes is a parchment paper printed with the details of the wedding inserted into a good-sized bottle and then add a handful of sand and some seashells you picked from the beach. If you can’t deliver it personally, you can have it mailed to the recipients.


  • A personalized photo – it may be a favorite beach for both of you or one where a special event took place during your relationship. Take snapshots of yourself and your partner in this beach and use it as a backdrop for your invitations. Add a few notes as to the significance of this beach and send out the invitations.


  • Flip flop invitation – if you’re a little low on your wedding budget, you can cut out colorful papers to form flip flop shapes and write your invitations. You can embellish it with designs to make it interesting. For a more interesting invitation, purchase some real flip flops in various colors that best represent a beach wedding theme and attach a parchment with the wedding information.


  • Treasure map invitation – one interesting beach wedding invitation idea is a treasure map. You can have a large map drawn up where you can put all the details of your wedding. Mark with an X symbol all the important details like to get to the beach, what time to get there, etc. To give it a little twist, ask your guests to use markers to connect the Xs on the map to get to the treasure: a special invite for a special event.


The best beach wedding invitation ideas are those made by the engaged couple. It’s economical and the quality of the invitations is impeccable. Start off your wedding celebration with innovative beach wedding invitation ideas.