Is it Time to Tie the Knot?

Posted by on Aug 18, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

time to tie the knotWe were talking a lot about choosing the perfect wedding gown, looking for the most beautiful wedding venue, when and how to send invitations etc. Planning a wedding is a requiring task, you have to compromise, to stick to the budget, to carefully decide on many things. It takes time, energy, patience and money to organize the wedding of your dreams. However, now we will focus on something that happens before the big fuzz. How to know that you are with the right person to tie the knot? It’s impossible to know it for sure, but here are some ways to help you get your answer.

Usually, you don’t find your true love on the first shot. On the contrary, you need to date more than just one partner. After several unsuccessful attempts, people realize that dating is not always nice, but quite painful experience. If you don’t try to impress each other, if you are natural, comfortable and feeling great together, you might be on the good track. This is why people find it easier to connect to a person they know for a longer period, since they do not have to pretend they are suave. Also, when you are with someone for a quite a while, those barriers fall off and you can be sure you know the person in front of you.

Have you learned how to trust? If you have beaten your jealousy and you can sleep well even if your partner is out of town, you have a good chance to tie the knot and to live happily ever after. Cheating is not what ruins the relationship, while jealousy always makes a nightmare out of it. Also, think whether you enjoy each other’s non-sexual company. Yes, it’s obvious, but there are many couples that haven’t realized how important it was before they went shopping for wedding rings.

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