Leo Bride’s Wedding Style

Posted by on Aug 14, 2014 in Misc Wedding Articles |

leo wedding styleMany people believe that Zodiac affects our characters and desires and I couldn’t agree more. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to take your Zodiac sign into consideration when planning your big day. If you’re Leo bride, here’s what we can say about your wedding style!

As a Bride, Leo is commonly the non-traditional type choosing nothing but the best for her special event. The Lioness loves the grander things in everyday life and knows she deserves it, so she’ll go for the same (or even better) qualities when it comes to her big day. Style and couture can be expected in every detail. Leo lady likes to delegate, so she’ll probably hire a wedding planner to help her organize the event. And, yes, she’ll expect everything to run smoothly! When it comes to wedding colors, our Lioness will choose gold or silver. If not, expect to be welcomed by warmer colors: red, orange or yellowish.

Leo likes summer colors, so her bridal party will consist of coral color or the orange color scheme – bold, by all means! This brides prides herself on the first impressions, therefore if you happen to be her bridesmaid, you can be sure you’ll be able to re-use your dress again (and again). The men would definitely wear elegant black tuxedo with the accented color the same as the one chosen for bridesmaid dresses. This bride likes uniformity, but only if it’s classy and elegant!

Leo women love the attention and admiration, so you cannot expect her to look nothing but perfect when she walks down the aisle. Couture gown is her first choice made of only the classiest of materials. If she happens to have the funds, you can expect to see Leo lady in a custom made Vera Wang wedding gown. Nevertheless, even if she has to opt for cheaper dress, she’ll look like perfection whatever she wears on her big day. One thing is certain: she will be adored and unique! Well, no wonder her fellow lioness is Halle Berry!

Finally, if you’re Leo bride, don’t forget that no matter how hard you try, not everyone will have fun at your wedding party. Don’t be a bossy diva, you will surely be admired!