Look After Your Bridesmaids And Make Them Beautiful On Your Big Day

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You already have hundreds of things on your plate. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are tired with all the stress. Everything needs to be done. You have to get yourself ready, but guess what? It’s also your responsibility to look after the lovely ladies who will be your bridesmaids. You have to make sure they look absolutely beautiful on the big day. The only way you can do that is by choosing the right look. It’s easy when you know how.

Don’t scare the guests

We all know that your dress is going to be the best looking on the day. That doesn’t mean you need to have your bridesmaids in the most horrible dresses you can find. It’s an important day for them, too. Make sure the dresses they are going to be wearing won’t make them uncomfortable on the day.

They can use them again

If you choose dark colored dresses that aren’t too extravagant they will be able to wear them again when they go to other formal events. It makes a big difference when you buy something if you don’t have to throw it in the back of the wardrobe after one night.

Study their bodies

You should already know what their body shape is, but if you don’t you should have another look. Dresses won’t necessarily fit each person the same. You could end up making a few bridesmaids beautiful and leaving the others to hide in the corner.

Naked underneath

Depending on the type of dress you choose, it could turn out that they won’t be able to wear bras. If you are going to choose something like that you need to ask everyone if they’d be comfortable with that arrangement. Maybe they wouldn’t and will have to drop out.

Chip in

Don’t ask your bridesmaids to spend extravagant amounts of money on a dress. If you decide you want more expensive dresses than they can afford you will have to throw in some money to help cover the costs.

Appoint a leader

Your plate is full. Once you have decided which dresses you want you should take a step back. Appoint someone as the head bridesmaid and let them organize everything in future.

Go out for lunch

Get together with some of the bridesmaids for lunch, but before you do you can go to the bridal shop and look for dresses together. When you are at lunch you can ask them what they think. It’s good to hear other peoples opinions. Split the party into two separate days so you gauge the situation better.

Color is important

We’ve already discussed how using certain colors can mean the dresses are used more than once, but what about if someone doesn’t suit that color? Different colors look the same on everyone. You want something that fits in best with all of them.

Some new clothes

Even if they don’t want to wear the dresses as they come, they could still repurpose them into beautiful little dresses after the wedding. If they can’t do it themselves they could have it done at a shop. So keep this in mind when you choose styles.

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