Loose Diamonds for Wedding Jewelry

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

loose diamonds for salePlanning the wedding is a complicated task and an expensive part of it is certainly planning the wedding jewelry. Yes, you can buy an expensive wedding gown, but you’ll wear it only once. The memories of your honeymoon will stay with you forever. But, diamonds will last forever and therefore if you put it that way, setting aside a generous budget for wedding diamond sets is a great idea. Loose diamonds still make the first choice of some bridal couples. Why? It’s the way to save some money, up to 50% of the diamond’s price. Plus, it’s the way to customize everything and to have the wedding or engagement ring right as you have imagined it to be. More important, when you buy a metal ring and a loose diamond separately, you lower the chances to get fleeced by scrupulous jeweler and end up getting a stone of a poor quality.

Here are some more reasons why buying unset diamonds is recommended. Loose diamonds are easier to be inspected compared to diamonds in metal settings. Usually, online sellers mail loupes together with loose diamonds to allow the buyers to inspect the goods for quality control under magnification. If customers aren’t satisfied, they can return the products and get their money back. You can completely customize loose diamonds, to set them into a variety of goods. But, also, you can keep them separate as an investment. Everybody will be more interested in buying the perfect rock instead of the perfect stone in a so-so metal setting. But why are they often cheaper than preset stones? One of the reasons is that loose diamond flows through less middlemen before reaching its last buyer. Also, loose diamonds can be batched into bulk online orders.

For all these reasons, when buying the wedding jewelry or some expensive gifts to your beloved ones, purchasing the loose diamonds is a convenient and easy way to save some money and get the best for yourself.