Love Tree Papercut – A Truly Meaningful Gift

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Standard Large Love Tree PapercutsLove is divine! When you love someone, that someone needs no wealth, no good looks, no social status or no worldly comforts! Love can be expressed in the simplest way and that will touch your sweetheart! If you want to give such a simple yet touching gift to your loved one, I have a fantastic idea for you – a beautiful Love Tree Papercut! You can gift this lovely item to your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse or fiancé to express your hearty love or this can be an ideal wedding anniversary gift to express the love sustained for years between you two. This is an excellent symbol of union of two families, perfect to hang in the family home!

How to Gift the Lovely Love Tree Papercut?

On Weddings/Anniversaries: You need not be the lover yourself to gift this symbol of love to your sweetheart; if you are wondering what to gift to a wedding couple, this can be your ideal gift which will be much appreciated by your recipients.

Personalized Gift: The beautiful Love Tree Papercut is handmade; so, it ensures that you have a truly unique gift for your loved ones. Further you can personalize it with their names, wedding date and other details, and you can also choose from an array of colors and framing options.

Love Tree Papercut

Personalizing the Love Tree

This unique gift can be personalized if you send two names and a date you want. You should also choose from the various color options. The Love Tree can be beautifully framed for an extra cost. The frames are handmade too and are available in black, white, walnut and oak.

Love Tree Papercut


The beautiful frames for the Love Tree are made by local Buckinghamshire framers who offer the frame a stylish and contemporary floating frame effect. You can hang them on walls or leave them as a freestanding artwork.

So, be prepared to get lots of love and praises upon this wonderful Love Tree Papercut as a gift to your loved one/s and enjoy the satisfaction of gifting something truly meaningful.

Standard Large Love Tree Papercuts