Ndebele Tribe Fertility Dolls – an Ideal Wedding Gift

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fertility dollWhat do you marry for? Let’s face it, the romance may be the apparent objective of your wedding, but the ultimate objective of a marriage is a child! Whether it’s a woman or a man, s/he desires to create an individual who would reflect her/his personality. Moreover, giving birth to a healthy child ensures that we are in a good health. Taking all this into consideration, can something related to fertility be an ideal wedding gift? Yes, it can, rather it will! I am talking about the Fertility Dolls!

What are Fertility Dolls?

Ndebele Tribe in South Africa make charming, colorful fertility dolls by hand. The tradition is to make them secretly and bride’s mother or grandmother does that. The doll is then presented to the bride when she returns to her hut following her wedding ceremony.

These dolls are often passed down to generations after generations; however, there is also a tradition that after the third child is born, the doll should be given away or destroyed to ward off evil elements.

Ndebele hut

Wonderful Story of FertilityDolls.co.uk

FertilityDolls.co.uk is a place where you can get these superb handmade Fertility Dolls which they source directly from South Africa. These dolls are made by hand with thousands of beads, and each doll is unique; you will never find two dolls the same.

The husband-and-wife founders of FertilityDolls.co.uk were in despair after knowing that they would not have their own child, but accepted the fact and decided to live a life as best as they could. During a visit to South Africa, they went to a Ndebele tribal camp and bought one of the above-mentioned dolls as a souvenir without knowing what it was for. During the meal that night they came to know the doll’s purpose which they just laughed away. And guess what happened after they returned to the UK! They were to get a baby! And when they calculated the days, it was found that the baby came into existence just on the day they bought the Fertility Doll!

When the couple told this story to their family and friends, it spread like wildfire throughout their circle and everyone started asking for a Fertility Doll for the amazing results it had shown! And thus FertilityDolls.co.uk came into existence through which the Fertility Dolls are sourced ethically direct from South Africa and are sold in the UK and rest of the world.

Ndebele tribal woman with children

Isn’t it a Superstition?

Maybe! But what is wrong in it if childless couples have their own child due to the trust they have in the Fertility Doll? After all, it is not harming anyone! On the contrary, it is a win-win situation, because the couples have babies and the tribes which create these dolls can make a living. So, why to raise the question of superstition in this and block the ray of hope for the childless? After all, only those couples will try this who have tried all the medical tests, methods and procedures. So, what is the harm in trying this method?

Can Fertility Dolls be Used as a Wedding Gift?

Of course! As said earlier, at the core of it, a wedding has an ultimate objective of having children. In that case, the groom can give his bride the Fertility Doll as a wedding gift, or guests can gift it to the wedding couple. It is good in any way. What’s more, at FertilityDolls.co.uk, people buy these dolls as birthday presents and many other occasions.

fertility doll

What to Do of them?

A Ndebele bride keeps the doll close to her till the third child is born, after which it is given away or destroyed to ward off bad fortune. A Western bride may place it anywhere in her home for ornamental purpose.

How Big is a Fertility Doll?

Being handmade, the Fertility Dolls vary in size. But on an average they are about 18 cm tall and 8 cm wide.

Whether or not you believe in supernatural powers or things like that, there is no harm in buying a cute, colorful doll made of thousands of beads. It will definitely adorn your home, and who knows, it will show its true power and you will soon get good news!

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