Origami Wedding Ideas

Posted by on Nov 9, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

origami cranes wedding decorationsIncorporating various origami elements into the wedding reception and ceremony is one of the recent wedding trends. Origami is the right solution for couples looking for an unique and memorable celebration. Handmade paper decorations, favors and invitations give that special, intimate and personal feel to this important event. Also, there is a common reason in using origami for the wedding – the financial benefit. By folding your own decorations, invitations and favors, you can save a lot (and enjoy an amazing honeymoon, though).

Paper cranes symbolize loyalty, honor and good luck. For that reason, they are often used at weddings in Japan. So, if your wedding takes place somewhere other than in a church, stringing together several (to thousands) long strands of origami cranes to hang from the ceiling will make an astonishing backdrop for exchanging wedding vows. Also, traditional paper cranes can be lovely wedding cake topping and decoration. They look beautiful in any color you need to match your wedding color scheme and theme. Stuck into the cake on tiny wires, origami cranes are also easy to remove when cutting. Origami cranes can also be lovely wedding favors. Don’t stick to just one color, have fun, but use many different patterns with the same general base color (matching your color scheme).

origami wedding bouquetSome people are allergic to flowers and therefore they have to look for an alternative. Also, it’s a myth all girls are crazy about flowers. Origami flowers can be great for decorating tables, centerpieces and even as a bridal bouquet. If you choose to make it yourself, prepare for time-consuming process. But, you can make your origami flower arrangements anytime, since these paper flowers won’t wilt.

Decorative place cards, invitations and thank you cards with origami models embedded within will certainly impress your guests. Check out http://fiverr.com/shinjuku_diva/handmade-you-origami-wedding-dress-and-suit–2 and http://fiverr.com/shinjuku_diva/handmade-you-origami-wedding-dress-and-suit–3 origami wedding embellishment, perfect for decorations, banquet tables, favors or cards.