Pre Wedding Shoots in Mumbai – Best Locations

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in Misc Wedding Articles |

sa preweddAlthough it’s a relatively new trend, pre-wedding photo shoot has become a kind of the norm today. If you’re living in Mumbai or you’ve chosen this beautiful city for your destination wedding, you might be confused about the best places for pre-wedding shoot. I’ve asked Mumbai based wedding photographers from to give us some useful tips on this and here’s what I have discovered!

Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Kanheri Caves is a thickly forested area in the western suburban area of Mumbai. In fact, it’s a wild nature right in the middle of the most populous city in India. This location gives you a lot of variations; you have ancient caves and toy railway station at a single place! Use different corners of this park to get photos that look so distinct from each other; your wedding album will be breathtaking and versatile!

Marine Drive may be a cliche or too filmy for some people, but you cannot deny it’s ideal for pre-wedding photography. Lashing waves in the background and the skyline of Mumbai give an incredible backdrop for romantic photo shoot. To capture the glittering queen’s necklace, you’ll need to stay at Marine Drive beyond the sunset. But, even if you come during the day, the Arabian Sea will make a wonderful backdrop, too.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus station is the perfect place for couples who want to catch people, urban life, buzz and chaos in their pre-wedding photos. CST station appears in lot of photographs, videos and movies with intention to showcase the pace of Mumbai, so why wouldn’t you use it as a backdrop, too?

Banganga tank, Walkeshwar should be visited just after sunrise or before sunset it’s great for couples who want a touch of nostalgia in their pre-wedding photos. This place is magnificent, historic and somehow cut off from Mumbai people nowadays know it.

Finally, the most important thing about pre-wedding photos is that they convey a story. The locations have to be relevant to you, it doesn’t matter if they’re beautiful or not. You should feel comfortable enough to show how much you love each other and how happy you are to tie the knot; a good photographer will take care of the rest.