Receive Praises for Amazing Glass Art Gifts on Weddings

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Let Love BloomAre you going to attend an important wedding and are wondering what gift to buy for the bride or groom? Are you and your friends and relatives fed up of exchanging the usual gifts which are of no use and only add to the clutter in the house? If so, here’s a wonderful idea of wedding gifts – handmade glass art pieces by Kay Rosenwasser that you can get on! You will fall in love with these pieces so much that you will be tempted to keep one for yourself!

What is Glass Art?

Glass art is glass work made more for a decorative purpose than functional one. It is created by glass artists using furnaces in glass studios. These pieces were made even before the 1960s but with machines. In modern times, glass artists are taking pride in creating handmade items which display their creativity and artistic sense.

Kay Rosenwasser’s Exquisite Art Glass Pieces on

Kay Rosenwasser is the founder, owner and artist of Calisherglass which features handmade art glass created by Kay Rosenwasser. These are unique and exquisite kind of glass art, home accessories and Judaica, and Rosenwasser is creating them for the last 20 years. You will be amazed by the beauty and creativity each of these pieces show and will fall in love with them.

Here are only a few pieces which I cannot resist to mention.


glass art jewelry

Are you amazed enough with that? These lovely pieces have been created with geometric glass art. There are necklaces, pendants in gold-plated necklaces and earrings, all so beautiful! The multicolored glass sparkles to show its splendor to the fullest! There are superb shades of green, fuchsia, pink, golden and blue which match each other so fantastically that no other jewelry can match their beauty. If you are to gift the bride, these pieces are perfect for her and she can flaunt them on her big day, as well as any casual occasion in the future.

Mezuzah Cases


 beautiful Mezuzah casesThese wonderful Mezuzah cases are embedded with sparkling violet, pink and teal dichoric glass. As if this was less, the glass is added 22k gold shin! Isn’t it wonderful? This piece has been made by fusing many glass layers and then shaped, carved and polished for added shine and depth. Then the case is mounted on an acrylic base. If your recipient/s is/are Jewish they will be delighted with this gift because their home will become truly beautiful with this shimmering Mezuzah case.

Rimmed Dinner Plate Set

contrast colored dinner plates

This awesome dinner plate set is hand made by Kay Rosenwasser and contains four beautiful dinner plates with unique geometric patterns. Three of them have a black pattern on white background, while the fourth one features contrast with white pattern on black background. These wonderful plates have been made with a process known as fused glass in which multiple glass layers are fused together at high temperatures. The contrasting colors of these plates are sure to make a statement in the dining room of the newlywed couple’s new home.

Let Love Bloom!

Let Love Bloom

This is an ideal gift for newlyweds. It’s a glass block with a stunning red glass rosebud on a cream-colored glass background, upon which 22k gold lettering “Let Love Bloom” is glittering gloriously! The gold can be of your choice – white or yellow. It is surely going to adorn the walls of the new home of the newlyweds and they will definite praise your imagination and creativity.

And there are numerous such lovely items on! So, your big problem of which gift to choose is over now; just visit their website and pick your favorite item, and receive praises for an amazing wedding gift.