Relieve The Stress Of Choosing A Wedding Gift with WishBooklet

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wedding giftsWedding is perhaps is the happiest moment in the life of the couple; however, when it comes to gifting, it sucks! ‘Gift’ is an attractive word – it denotes something amazing, wrapped in a beautiful shining paper – a bundle of joy! However, when we open it and see a toaster or tea set or some such useless item, all our excitement disappears, compelling us to say, “Here’s one more crap!” And this happens not only with wedding, but also any occasion, where gifting is involved – there are so many of them – birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, Christmas, New Year…. Is there any solution? Yes! I have really found a solution, eh! Its name is WishBooklet – a web-app which can really be an excellent solution! WishBooklet is a ridiculously easy way to get the gifts you really want!

What is WishBooklet?

WishBooklet is an app which enables you to keep your favorite items which you want to buy in one place and can share it with your friends and family, so that they can get an exact idea about what you want as a gift! And instead of giving something useless, they can give you a real amazing ‘gift’!

WishBooklet Keeps Your Favorites Together

There are many online stores which you browse through and you like so many items which you want to buy and so you keep them in their wish lists. Thus, you create so many wish lists on different sites, which becomes a mess later, because you cannot find a thing among so many items. WishBooklet is a great solution which provides a place where you can keep all your favorite items together so that whenever you wish to buy a particular item you can easily find it. And it does this for free!

WishBooklet Shares Your Likings

You can share your likings with your friends and family so that they can gift you an item which you really want. This is also possible vice versa. They too can share their likings to you and you then know exactly what they want which you can gift them. This reduces the stress of gift-giving to a huge extent.

WishBooklet is Excellent for Crowdfunding   

Sometimes you wish to have an expensive item but neither you nor any of your friends or family members has a budget to buy it. In that case, all your friends or family members can together give you one expensive gift by way of crowdfunding!

Isn’t the WishBooklet amazing? And actually – how wonderful it is to know what the recipient wants! We always wish that people should know that; but we are also embarrassed of telling them to give us a particular thing as a gift. WishBooklet does the job for you in such a cool way. Your near and dear ones automatically know what you want and you get it! If everyone has WishBooklet, all the stress of finding and giving gifts will be relieved and gift-giving will become a real happy occasion!