Religious Wedding – How to Choose an Officiant

Posted by on Sep 12, 2015 in Misc Wedding Articles |

rev mooneyIf you plan to tie a knot, you’ve surely got many things on your mind and in your to-do list. The choice of the wedding officiant is not unimportant, since people who officiate can help your prepare for married life and enrich your overall wedding ceremony and reception. If you would like to have a religious wedding, it’s important to keep some things on your mind.

Anyone who officiates a religious wedding ceremony wants the couple’s interests to extend beyond the aesthetics and the appearance of the church (or synagogue). If a couple practices the same religion, the choice of wedding officiant would probably be easy. However, if a bride or a groom aren’t members of a church, they could find a clergy-person by calling local churches and officiants.

When you meet with your religious officiant for the first time, it’s important to understand his (or her) approach to the service and how the ceremony will look like. For example, if you’re considering adding some personal touches to the ceremony, ask your officiant whether it would be alright; you might also get some advice and suggestions regarding your wedding vows, for example.

It’s important to feel that you’re on the same page with your wedding officiant, that he or she is a person you can trust and feel good around. For example, Rev. Mooney is president of the National Association of Christian Ministers and he serves as a wedding officiant in Greenville SC. He has chosen to officiate marriages because it’s his passion and he’s committed to couples’ success, peace and happiness. It’s great to have such an officiant on your big day!

Finally, booking an officiant as early as possible is of high importance. For most religious ceremonies, it’s required or, at least, strongly suggested that a couple starts with premarital counseling sessions well before the ceremony.