Restroom Amenities Baskets

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Misc Wedding Articles |

amenities basketsWhen planning a wedding, couples do everything they can to make sure their guest are feeling their best all day long. Although restrooms at wedding venues are usually overlooked, with a few small touches, you can make a difference! Amenity baskets and wedding bathroom baskets are filled with things your invitees may need while having fun and celebrating on your big day!

If you have been to a wedding lately, you have probably seen a wedding bathroom basket in the restroom. What’s more, in case you visit the toilet a few times, you’ll see that the contents in an amenity basket disappear quite quickly. Obviously, leaving amenities baskets is a thoughtful gesture that ensure wedding guests’ comfort and they are more than welcome!

For the gentlemen, spray deodorants, lint rollers, a comb, hand sanitizers, tissues, toothpicks, gums, breath mints, band-aids, Advil or Ibuprofen, mini sewing kit and a stain remover pen should be enough. For the ladies, everything above mentioned should be included, plus elastic hair ties, bobby pins, panty liners, tampons, hair spray and brushes. Of course, these are only the basics which are, in most cases, quite alright. Nevertheless, if you are, for example, throwing an outdoor summer party, blotting papers, bug sprays and sunscreen should be there in the basket, too. So, think about the things your guest would need on your own wedding when putting together amenities baskets.

To keep the costs low, buy travel-sized products; your invitees will probably use less than a whole full-sized spray deodorant, for instance. You don’t have to get too fancy with the presentation, but consider including a fragrant diffuser and/or a small floral arrangement that will keep the basket and the space look and smell fresh!

kimbassIn case you don’t have enough time (or energy) for DIY restroom amenities baskets for your big day, there are companies specialized in preparing and organizing that. Just say what you would like to have in your guest welcoming bags or amenities baskets, and you’ll get it all nicely put together!