Show Off Your Engagement Joy in An All New Way!

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kreativ casesYou are on top of the world because you are about to get married to a person you love the most! Do you want to show your joy to the world? Do you wish that others should know and talk about your dream big day? You can declare that you are engaged and will soon get married in an innovative way – through one of the creative phone cases by Kreativ Case. They have some of the most awesome phone cases and accessories which will enable you to show off you engagement or wedding in an all new way!

Look at this lovely phone case which has a design of two hearts eager to unite and shows your future name that you are proud of.

2 hearts

This is another awesome phone case showing your beautiful engagement ring shining and proclaiming that you are engaged. The cute ring displays your future name too!

engagement ring

This one sports your heart beating for your sweetheart and with the excitement of your fast arriving big day – proudly declaring who you will become upon your wedding!

bride to be

This softly colored phone case shows your beating heart telling that you are in love and proclaims who you will become upon your special day.


And take a look at this one. This is for you when you will get married and want to show off your happiness by telling that you are “Just Married”. This one also shows your new name.

jist married

These are just five, but there is still an extensive range which you should take a look at!

You can get all these awesome designs printed on any of your phone like Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note or Blackberry. The printing is done with specialized ink and a heat transfer method, which offers a high quality, long lasting finish. You can choose from a range of colors or any other color, and also customize to have your name or even no name at all.

You also have an option about the case material – rubber or plastic. A rubber case has open slots to access the port for headphones, silent switch and camera. This case covers the back, sides and a small portion of the front of the phone. The rubber is a firm rubber rather than a soft silicone rubber and has slightly textured grips on the sides. The rubber case covers power and volume buttons but keeps them functional. Plastic case on the other hand is a snap on shell which covers sides, back and a small portion over the front of the phone, to keep your phone slim and sleek. It has open slots for power and volume buttons. You get direct access to all ports and camera through this case.

So, if you want to proclaim your engagement and wedding joy to the world in an innovative way, these phone cases are for you. Have them and let others know who is the princess!