Striking Evolution in Wedding Videography Trends

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new trend Wedding-VideographyThe trend of videography in weddings is in practice for quite a few years by now. People love to watch themselves in action on their special day – sweet little flower girl spreading flowers and then bride walking down the aisle gracefully, groom looking at her with love and excitement, guests looking at both of them with admiration, their vows, their saying “I do”, and lots of such moments are worth catching actually happening than still photos. As with any other aspect of life, wedding videography too has undergone many changes and modifications. It is evolving every coming day only to become better. Watch Paul Hubbard Videographer, for example, to see how wedding videography has reached new heights. Let’s see, the new trends in wedding videography.

Trailer of Wedding

Do you know why a trailer of a film is created and shown? Just to evoke the interest of viewers towards the film. A wedding trailer too is shot for the same purpose. A wedding trailer contains highlights of the best moments of your big day with a rousing soundtrack, which when viewed by others, they are tempted to see your wedding in full. A wedding trailer is an excellent way to make your wedding a hit of the times and can attract not only your family and friends, but also strangers to watch your full wedding. Just put the trailer online, and add a link to your social media profiles and “thank you” cards.


When Stills and Action Come Together

This is a great way to give a chance to watch some very special, selected moments of the event to everyone including yourself, to watch at length – combine still shots with the film. While some moments are worth keep watching, it sucks to instruct the person carrying the remote again and again to pause. When those moments caught in still photos are combined with the film, you and others like you can enjoy watching them to your heart’s content.

mixing stills and film

Outtakes of Wedding

Just like a wedding trailer, you can create an outtake section with wedding videography. This is a film or part of the film which you may not want to include in your main film, but still will enjoy watching it, because it contains a number of such incidents showing an array of emotions, fun and laughs. It may contain the moment when you cried with your mom and all your mascara spread on your cheeks! Or your father-in-law banged on a waiter and his wine spilled on his pants! Or any funny faces!


Creating a Movie

Do you feel that your wedding will ultimately look like a dull documentary in your wedding video? If yes, there is a solution. Create a movie instead. Many creative videographers turn weddings in an interesting movie with actually a storyline, characters, moods and conversations. What’s more, these movies are adorned with striking soundtracks to ensure the desired effect on viewers.

wedding as a movie

By discussing with your wedding videographer, you can decide a unique style for filming your special day. If you are going to have a fascinating evening wedding at a voguish hotel, you can even get yourself filmed like a celeb couple arriving at a film premiere, on red carpet, cameras flashing and guests crowding to watch you! Even your videographer can go on greeting your guests as if s/he too is one of your guests, but actually filming them! Ideas are unlimited, just trigger your creativity and you will have an outstanding wedding video!