Suzanne McCorkell (Soul Photographic Design) – Wedding and Portrait Photographer with a Soul

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In our wedding tips topics, we have often discussed the importance of choosing the right photographer, how to work with him/her, what to require and what to expect. Wedding photographer should capture all those meaningful, stunning images that will last a lifetime. Building a valuable relationship with your wedding photographer is the most important step if you want to get the wonderful wedding photo album. Conversations between the photographers and their clients make better pictures. However, only if the conversation turns into a relationship, this will be true. Your wedding photographer has to understand and “know” you, only then you will get the most meaningful wedding photographs.

Soul Photographic Design is the professional, award winning wedding photography from Brisbane. Specialized in portrait and wedding photography, they create images with flair, style and elegance. If you want to tell your story just the way you like it, SOUL Photographic Design will help you. Suzanne McCorkell is the artist that was really born to take amazing photographs. She is focused on bringing more happiness, positivity and love into this world and therefore she has chosen wedding photography to express herself the best way. Of course, she is really into taking photos of big bellies, sweet babies, energetic toddlers and moody teens. Love stories are best when told in pictures and she will help you tell your own story in an extraordinary way. Just the way you would, only more lovely and nicer.

Check out SOUL Photographic Design website on, focus on the wedding images. You will feel it. The couples look natural, honest and lovely. Sometimes when you look at the wedding albums you can hardly believe you are looking at people you know. Yes, photographers manage to make nice images, but you can sense they are not so authentic. With Suzanne’s photos, the things are different. They are both beautiful and real and that is the true value of them. For example, take a look at this photo album:, and you’ll get the idea of what we are trying to say.