Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

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Flowers, bouquets, floral arrangements really make wedding celebration even more significant, beautiful and joyful. Of course you will certainly choose the flowers that show your preferences, style and emphasize the wedding theme, but sometimes it is good to know the symbolic meanings of wedding flowers. We will mention some of them that are often seen on the weddings nowadays.

Calla Lily is spring/summer blooming flower, large tropical plant quite expensive, but very popular as the part of the wedding centerpiece. It is good both for the arrangements and bouquets and it is lightly fragrant. The meaning of Calla Lily is magnificent beauty.

Lilac is very fragrant, grown like a bush and usually used as the filler in wedding flower arrangements and bouquets. Their blooming season is spring, but there are some imported lilacs that are available year around. Even though its price is moderate or expensive (in case of French lilacs), they are common part of arrangements. The meaning of Lilac is the first love’s emotions.

Lily of the Valley is often seen in bouquets, usually combined with other flowers. It is a fragrant, spring/summer blooming and expensive flower. These lovely bell-shaped, tiny and fragile flowers are common traditional wedding flowers. Their meaning is happiness.

Orchid is an exotic flowers with a great variety in colors, sizes and shapes. It is almost always imported and therefore expensive. Even though they are not fragrant, they are very common in wedding corsages, bouquets and boutonnieres. The meaning of the orchid is love and beauty.

Rose is the most popular amongst all wedding flowers, the queen of flowers we may say. Depending on variety, roses can be very fragrant to lightly flagrant and they are either moderately priced or expensive. Available year around, they are best for arrangements, boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets, centerpieces etc. The meaning of the Rose is love, beauty and joy.

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