The Importance of Writing Your Wedding Vows

Posted by on Jul 4, 2015 in Misc Wedding Articles |

wedding vowsAfter choosing the venue, dress, invitations, rings, entertainment, you’ll probably feel exhausted. And it’s the right time to go to the last, but not the least, wedding planning task – wedding vows. These simple sentences should reflect the essence of your love, your relationship and give you directions to what happens after tying the knot. If your ceremony includes pre-set wedding vows, your personal ones can be shared as the part of wedding reception, usually before the toasts. 

Why is it recommended to write your own vows? They will reflect things that are important to both of you. You can craft a mutual vow together or you can opt for individual ones. Things you write down should really reflect your united minds and hearts, so make sure they are honest and realistic.

Writing vows won’t be all roses and sunshine, though. In fact, it will highlight potential challenges for you as a couple. You’ll probably realize where you have different visions of your future life together. But, don’t worry. This is good, because you’ll know potential issues right on time to solve them. Otherwise, you’ll just push through to the wedding hoping for the best, which will hardly turn to be so.

When writing vows, people think through what’s vital in their relationship and what would they like their marriage to look like in action and that gives voice to what they honestly commit to create. In vows, people usually include how they will speak to each other and what activities they’ll do together as husband and wife.

Obviously, writing personal wedding vows has many benefits and you shouldn’t underestimate them. Nevertheless, if you meet any difficulties in crafting in accomplishing this simple, yet complicated task, take a look at 7 steps to writing your own wedding vows. Finally, if you don’t feel like you’ll be brave enough to say it in front of all your wedding guests, you can just write and print them!