Tips on Choosing a Wedding Gift

Posted by on Dec 27, 2016 in Misc Wedding Articles |

wedding-gift-choosing-the-rightAttending a wedding is usually a pleasant experience, but choosing the right gift for a couple can be a little bit stressful. How can you be sure they won’t return your gift or that it won’t collect dust in the basement? A wedding gift is another way to show your appreciation and love for the soon-to-be married couple. Here are some useful tips on finding ideal wedding gifts that are sure to please. 

Sticking to the registry is highly recommended. After all, the items listed there are the ones couples really like. Nevertheless, it’s wise to act quickly and buy a gift as soon as possible, just to be sure other guests won’t buy all the good gifts. If you’ve been late and you don’t have enough money for too expensive items from the registry, consider teaming up with other guests to buy a gift together.

But, what if there’s no registry (or everything’s already gone)? Once upon a time, a wedding registry was all about fine china, while nowadays it has evolved to practical things a couple would use on a daily basis. Therefore, picking casual dining and living items might not be as boring as you think. If a couple doesn’t have a wedding registry, opt for a gift that will be of use to the couple, such as classic white dishes or matching robes and towels. Buying a home decor, however, is usually a bad idea, because you can hardly guess someone’s taste.

wedding-gift-basketIf you can’t make it to the wedding, send a couple one of those lovely wedding gift baskets. You can buy them as a gift even if you’re coming to the event, but in that case, make sure you choose the one that will really contain items a couple would appreciate.

Finally, cash can be a gift too. Nevertheless, it can be tricky, since you can’t be sure about the correct amount to put in the envelope. If you’re not comfortable about giving money, consider a gift certificate to a store couple might be fond of.