Tips on Picking the Right Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted by on Oct 22, 2015 in Misc Wedding Articles |

bridesmaid wedding dresses floorlengthEven though a bride is the most important woman on her wedding, bridesmaids should look fabulous, too. If you don’t want your big day to be ruined because you’ve created outfit stress for your guests, check out our helpful tips on shopping for bridesmaid dresses!

Choose a unifying element. No matter if you are interested in matching bridesmaid dresses or not, there should be something style-wise that ties your bridal party together. So, choose at least one aspect of your bridesmaids’ look that will unify the group. Perhaps some of them will look their best in cheap floor length evening dresses, while others prefer short cocktail dresses. You want them all to look wonderful, right? So, pick the color, fabric and/or neckline they will have in common and leave the rest of the outfit for them to choose.

Match your fabrics. If you’re going to wear structured taffeta shifts, your bridal party shouldn’t be wearing soft chiffon dresses: that might look odd. Instead, coordinate your fabrics!

Alter if it’s necessary. Although it usually costs a few extra dollars, it’s a good idea to get your bridesmaid dresses altered to fit their bodies perfectly. In case you don’t do it, neither will your bridesmaids be happy, nor they will want to see or wear their dresses ever again.

Color them pretty. In most cases, brides choose the color of their bridesmaids’ dresses, which is quite alright. It’s important to pick the color that you like, but only if it looks good on your bridesmaids. Pastel hues are generally more flattering with fairer skin, while brighter colors are a perfect pick for women with darker complexions.

Finally, never forget that it’s your day! Although you should do your best to make everyone happy, you need to understand that it’s rather impossible. Keep your mind open, but always remind your bridesmaids that they are here to support you, not the other way round.