Tips on Planning an Elopement

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IMG_4195 reSome people dream about their big day, while others might be put off by usual fanfare involved in weddings. If you are one of those couples not interesting in organizing such a large event and you want your wedding to be private, romantic and intimate, you might be considering an elopement. Don’t worry, I’m not going to judge you. In fact, I would like to give you some tips on managing your elopement.

picvoyage 1Don’t forget to hire a photographer. If you decided to elope, you don’t want to have an audience, do you? Your witnesses will probably be total strangers, so, who will you talk to about your lovely wedding? It’s good to have it recorded, to be able to tell your love story better to your family, friends and, one day, your kids. For that reason, it’s crucial to have your wedding documented by a photographer. For instance, team of photographers from PicVoyage* offer vacation photography services; they capture the best memories of your trip, no matter if it’s your elopement or anniversary celebration.

IMG_3964 reKeep in mind that other people might not be delighted by your decision. So, make sure you are prepared for their reactions. I know many people who gave up on idea of eloping because they didn’t want to hurt and upset their family and close friends. If, however, you still want to do it, don’t be surprised if people don’t agree with your decision and if they show how much they are against it. Over time, both sides will get over it. Anyway, prepare yourself for explaining your decision. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should feel the need to justify it.

IMG_4150 reGetting cold feet is completely normal. It doesn’t happen only to people who organize a big (fat) wedding, but to couples who elope too. It’s normal and, if you’re with the right person, it’ll pass.

IMG_4174 reBe prepared for not getting gifts. When you organize a wedding, your guests take care of your wedding registry. If you choose to skip out on a traditional ceremony, you’ll miss the gift-giving part too.

Consider post-party. Some people choose to tie the knot alone, but still they would like to celebrate the fact they got married with people they love. If you feel like doing it, go ahead. Even though it’s still an event that needs a lot of planning and organizing, it isn’t as official and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In addition, you can have the best of two worlds: an intimate wedding and a big party.



You still need a marriage license. The idea of getting married without a fuss is great, but you need to be practical too. The legal requirements vary depending on the country, state and city, so you must be prepared for some planning and paperwork before running off and tying the knot spontaneously. Do your research, gather everything that’s necessary in advance, check the office hours and make an appointment, just to be on the safe side.

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