Top Marriage Advice for Newly Married

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quotes for successful marriageIf you have been just married and are dreaming of a long way to go with your partner, keep in mind that success won’t come only with dreams; you will have to make some efforts for keeping up the relationship and the charm in it. Courting is a continuous process and maintains the excitement you have for each other. One of the greatest ways of expressing love towards your partner is to “talk”! Telling your partner how you are mad for her/him, how you remember her/him throughout the day, how you are proud of her/him, how you are inspired by her/him and lots of such things will make your partner realize your deep love which is the essence of a successful marriage. If you truly want to get inspired, take a look at the fantastic love quotes at They will give you a great insight about love and relationship.

I Still Fall For You Every Day – Antoine de Saint Exupery

Only a few words have the power to express a lot! Tell your partner “I still fall for you every day” to see a never-before amazement in her/his eyes. What else does a loving spouse expect from her/his better half? The assurance that her/his partner is still in deep love with her/him is what s/he desires. Experts advise that a regular, honest conversation is the topmost necessity of a successful relationship. And during such a conversation, you can also express your deep love towards your partner. Of course, you can also convey it through a cute greeting card, an email, or a phone call from office!

Antoine de Saint Exupery I still fall for you every day

A Happy Marriage Is The Union Of Two Good Forgivers – Ruth Bell Graham

How true! Another advice by experts is never to go to bed on an argument! If at all, you had an argument forgive each other before going to bed. That’s a great basis of a successful marriage for which both of you should be good forgivers. After all, what is love? It’s the ability to accept a person as s/he is. Then, is it so difficult to forgive each other? It should not be. And that will create a strong base for your relationship.

inspirational quotes about marriage problems

A Successful Marriage Requires Falling In Love Many Times, And Always With The Same Person – Mignon McLaughlin

The ongoing process of marriage requires observing your partner keenly for her/his qualities and falling in love with her/him again and again, and that is the secret of a successful marriage. If you decide to forget and forgive all her/his faults and pay attention only to qualities, no problem would occur in your married life. Of course, it also needs to maintain our own qualities which our partner fell in love with.

Funny Marriage Quotes

Top tips by experienced couples to newlyweds were talk, cooperate, work at it, don’t give up too easily, listen, be patient, be honest, have respect, have realistic expectations, have a good sex, be friends to each other and give each other space. Don’t they match the short and sweet quotes by the great people mentioned above?