Useful Tips to Find a Filipina Wife

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finding a filipina wifeSeveral Westerners look for a Filipina wife for many reasons. Filipinas prove to be good wives (generally) because the relationship is not shaky; it is permanent. This is because divorce is not in the mindset of Filipinas. Neither is adultery. In the Philippines, adultery is an illegal offense. Filipinas are also open to marry older men. Thus many men looking for a stable and loving relationship find a Filipina wife the best choice. How to find one? Here are some tips.

Chat with Her

First of all, you start chatting with her to figure out her character and to check if there is any type of initial attraction. Sometimes you might be looking for just a friend and not a wife. In that case, you make it clear that you want only a friend, so as not to break heart of the girl.

Be a Gentleman

Next, when you visit the girl/s you should not do anything that can make the girl a talk of the town. Being a subject of gossip is a disaster for a girl in the Philippines. Be an absolute gentleman.


Look for probinsayas, meaning girls living in provinces, i.e. away from big cities like Manila and the surrounding area. Probinsayas are much less materialistic and americanized.

Are You Religious?

If you are a catholic, attend Mass with her and her family which can open an easy path towards marriage. If you are a religious protestant then too you can find a wife. If you are not religious, go to Vietnam or Thailand instead to find a girl to marry. A Filipina is a dedicated Christian. If you are not religious you might have to think serious about changing your lifestyle to marry a Filipina. If you are a smoker and drinker, you have least chances to get a Filipina wife.

Get Acquainted with Tagalog and Food

Memorize about 20 Tagalog words in order to increase some friendly relation and warmth. Be adventurous about food too.

So, these are some tricks to find a good Filipina wife. On you will find useful tips for getting visa for your Filipina wife. That will make your further journey more comfortable.