Wedding Catering – Fresh Ideas

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Misc Wedding Articles |

wedding catering 2Let’s face it, brides are more interested in choosing the gown than the wedding reception menu, but it’s still one thing we have to think about when planning our big day. If you don’t want your wedding food to be too ordinary and plain, but, for instance, the best wedding catering Wellington, NZ has seen, think beyond chicken and potatoes. Let’s share some unique and fresh ideas to spice up your reception!

Do-It-Yourself Food Bar

If you’re planning a more casual affair, you could let your wedding guests make their own food. The option to customize their own fruit or guacamole salad might be a hit! For a more formal wedding, you can hire waiters to serve ice cream and offer a few toppings for your wedding guests to choose from.

Different Sweet Tables

We have seen so lovely sweet tables in the last decade that you might wonder how you could make yours unique. How about offering coffee-infused desserts; they’ll keep your guests out on the dance floor, which is surely something you want. You could also have a doughnut bar; serve up both new treats, such as white chocolate+almond doughnuts, and retro classics like jelly and cream filled varieties. Classy carnival desserts are also a lovely option for your sweet table; funnel cakes, cracker jacks, cotton candy, especially if you have the carnival wedding theme.

A Chef Station

Instead of the expected passed appetizers, what about a more hand-on option? For example, you can have a raw bar with a chef rolling sushi, grilling fresh ingredients or shucking oysters in front of everyone.

Soup Shots

wedding catering 1Yes, you’ve read it right: I recommend nonalcoholic drinkable shots served during the cocktail hours as appetizers. My favorites are tomato & basil puree and gazpacho soup, but you can serve anything you and your caterer find suitable. Yummy!