Wedding Planning Tips for Gemini Brides

Posted by on Jun 4, 2014 in Misc Wedding Articles |

nicole kidman gemini brideOnce you say yes to a marriage proposal, you need to focus on planning your big day. Although it’s something almost any girl is looking forward to, managing such an event may turn to be quite stressful and daunting experience. For example, it’s hard even to find out where to start! Luckily, we have a nice and fresh idea! Why wouldn’t you plan your lovely day based on your zodiac sign? Right now we will focus on Gemini brides, those beautiful women born from late May to late June.

First of all, if you a Gemini girl, you must be talkative, vivacious and outgoing. For you, planning a big day will probably be fun and exciting, because you are born to throw an incredible party. As a Gemini, you are definitely a terrific host, being an expert at the art of small talk! Also, you just know the right way to make your guests feel included in a group.

Gemini bride should opt for a lighthearted and cheerful wedding party with fun festive decorations. When it comes to centerpieces, think about happy flowers like Gerber daisies arranged in clear round colored glass vases. Boring white table linens are simply out of the question. Instead, go for linens in your favorite color(s) or layer two colors for a custom look. Yes, we know about your duality and we encourage you to express it to the fullest! Bold pairings of colors, flowers, food, decorations will make your wedding original and creative. For this reason, you should hire a caterer who is ready and willing to meet your requirements. Contrasting salty and sweet, cool and hot, refreshing and spicy is welcome, but don’t forget to offer some conventional options for less adventurous invitees.

Wedding gown might be the greatest issue for you, since you will most certainly have a difficulty in choosing just one. A part of you wants to shine in a sophisticated high-fashion gown, while on the other hand you want to feel like a princess. Well, choose both! You can be a princess bride during the ceremony and a fashionable party girl for the reception.

You are classy and sociable woman, therefore your wedding will surely be a memorable experience for both you and your guests! Have fun and enjoy your big day!