Wedding Rings – Trends in 2013

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

Engagement rings say a lot, but wedding rings say even more. Even though people tend to focus on engagement rings, it seems as if the trend of wearing wedding rings alongside the engagement ring is back in the game. If you add a wedding ring to your engagement ring, it can create much more uniqueness and style and, more importantly, it will add more meaning.

So, what are the wedding band trends for 2013? As expected, yellow gold is once again popular, after many years of platinum and white gold domination. The rich colour of the yellow gold stands out considerably, therefore it is a very welcome sight. Traditionally, wedding band are more simple than an engagement ring, just band of metal. However, in recent years, new jewellery trends have established wedding rings as beautiful pieces of jewellery by themselves. Added diamonds and semi-precious stones in these secondary rings has been gaining popularity. These wedding rings should compliment engagement rings, so the addition of precious stones portrays magnificence and power. A current trend is also to match his-and-hers wedding bands and we have to say that this fashion is especially romantic. If a man wears a wedding ring matching to the one worn by his wife, this will proclaim a statement of really dedicated unity. Most jewellers are happy to help couples and to use an engagement ring as inspiration to create complimentary wedding rings for her and for him.

Wedding rings for both partners need to last and therefore couples should continue choosing more durable materials of an inherent value. A trend in 2013 is also to incorporate two metals: yellow and white gold, either by creating rings that consist of both materials or by choosing one metal for the wedding rings and the other for the engagement ring.