Wedding Trends in Australia

Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in Misc Wedding Articles |

beach weddingIf you come from Australia or you would like to marry there, you might have wondered about the latest wedding trends in this huge and magnificent country. If you would like to know what kind of wedding bands Melbourne couples choose for their big day or what popular venues and locations in Sidney are, read on.

A generation ago, almost every Australian couple went to alter to tie the knot, but it has emerged that nowadays couples would rather get married on the beach than in the chapel. Nevertheless, there are still some customs and traditions that young people are holding on to. In fact, it’s the fusion of old and new what makes any modern ceremony in Australia at this moment.

Outdoor venues are becoming increasingly popular, be it a garden ceremony or beach wedding party. Barefoot bride and groom with the formal gown and suit can be regularly seen in Australian wedding albums. What do elderly relatives think about this trend? Well, the truth is, many couples are now going for more intimate, smaller wedding parties with only the closest family and friends.

When it comes to wedding entertainment, modern couples are looking for more than just an average cover band or amateur DJ for their big day. If they are planning their lovely Melbourne wedding, they are looking for the best wedding entertainment Melbourne can offer. Celebrities are welcome!

What about traditions such as carrying a bouquet or being escorted down the aisle? Apparently, these ceremony customs are pretty much a part of today’s Australian weddings. However, couples do wish to make the feel and the wording of the ceremony unique and more personal. And, according to statistics, 2/3 of marriage ceremonies in Australia are performed by civil celebrants, not in a traditional church setting.

Finally, weddings reflect our lifestyle, community and heritage, therefore they have to be constantly changing. And, what is best, nowadays you can choose any wedding style you like.