Wedding Vow Writing – How To Do It Right

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"write wedding vows"Writing wedding vows is never like making a list of groceries to pick up from the store—the task requires much time and much thought.  Hence, those who are about to tie the knot need to allot enough time to think about and compose their promises; they should also learn some tips to get the job done properly.

So you are engaged and the wedding plans are already in motion.  With all the things you have to do, you have probably relegated writing your vows on the bottom of your to-do list.  Right now, this task may seem easy to do, but anybody who has ever written wedding vows will tell you it is not as easy as it seems.  To write your vows, and do it right, you are going to learn a few tricks.  However, before you put pen to paper, you might want to check if you are allowed to write your own vows in the first place.

Do It Ahead of Time

It is no secret that wedding planning can be tough.  With so many decisions to make and so many details to consider, you may need to put some tasks off to the last minute.  Do not make writing your wedding vows one of these.  Keep in mind that what you are about to write is no ordinary text—it is a promise you are giving the person you will be spending the rest of your life with.  Therefore, you would need more than a few minutes to think about what you want to say and write it down.

Begin writing your vows about a month prior to the wedding.  Make a rough draft first and make the necessary changes as you go along.  It is never a good idea to do it on the wedding day itself, or even the day before.  You would be too excited or distracted to properly write your vows.

Answer Some Questions

When you first sit down to write your vows, you may have a hard time thinking of what to say.  To help you get started, ask yourself a few questions. Consider the following:


When you were younger, did you dream about your wedding day?

When did you know you were in love or wanted to marry your partner?

Why do you want to marry your partner?

What do you love most about your partner?

What do you want to promise your future spouse?

What kind of future do you envision having as a married couple?


Answering these questions will definitely prompt you to finally put some words on paper.  Do not worry if you are not able to include some of the answers on the final version of your vows.  What matters is that you are able to fully express yourself with the vows you have written.

Find Inspiration Elsewhere

If you are still suffering from writer’s block, you may want to do some research.  Read traditional vows and get ideas from them.  You may also want to check out books and even movies for inspiration.  If find something you can relate to, something that helps you convey your message to your partner, do not forget to make notes.

Make an Outline

Once you are finally ready to write, do not simply list down your words.  Make an outline first.  Having an outline helps you organize your thoughts properly.  Sure, you are not writing a formal composition, but even wedding vows require structure.  For instance, before you make your promises, start your vows by saying amazing things about your partner.  You do not want to pledge your eternal love to your spouse-to-be through several incoherent statements

Think of Your Audience

Obviously, the vows you will be writing are for your partner.  However, this does not mean you should not think about your audience during the writing process.  You have guests in your wedding because you want to share the special day of you and your beloved with other people.  If your vows sound like something only you and your partner will understand, you will surely be leaving those in attendance out of the loop.  Hence, write vows that not only express what you truly feel, but also that which is appropriate for your audience.


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