What to Do if You Can’t Attend the Wedding

Posted by on Nov 8, 2016 in Misc Wedding Articles |

Your beloved cousin, best friend or favorite co-worker is getting married and you’re invited to the wedding. Chances are, you’re happy because of the great news, but what to do if you simply cannot make it to a big event? In case you have to decline, there are some tips on handling the situation and getting the best out of it.

First of all, try not to wait until the last minute to send the RSVP. Being two places at once is not an option, so if you already have some other event to attend, inform the happy couple as soon as possible. Keep in mind that making the guest list is a daunting and difficult task, so quick and regretful response may allow them enough time to invite someone else (who couldn’t be included otherwise) instead. Changing your mind is a big no-no; once you’ve made a decision, stick to it. Also, try not to make excuses, especially if you think the couple wouldn’t really understand your situation. Finally, even if you call ahead or send a small note, you have to send the response card, too.

Although you won’t be able to attend their wedding, sending your regards would be really nice. You could send a pretty, handwritten note in which you could include your best wishes and the reasons you won’t be able to attend. Nevertheless, focus on good news and happiness, not on your regrets. When it comes to a wedding gift, it’s not required, but sending a gift from the wedding registry is a nice gesture. Florists from flower delivery Melbourne company told us many people send flowers, a gift basket or a bottle of nice wine when they aren’t able to attend the wedding.  Also, you could write a toast and send it to a wedding attendant who would read those sentiments aloud; it’s one of the ways to be the part of the big event even if you’re miles away.

Finally, call the couple after the wedding to see their wedding album, listen about their big day anecdotes and simply relax and spend some enjoyable time together; this will show them you honestly care.