What to Write in a Wedding Card?

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wedding card messagesA wedding card conveys your feelings towards the newlywed couple and so, contains various messages. The messages can be loving, funny, emotional, and of other variety of types. But some people get often confused about how to draft a beautiful message, which can convey your true emotions in a few words and are bewildered with a mere thought of wedding cards. For such people, here are some ideas.

Congratulations, Best Wishes, Thanks…

Of course, you should congratulate the newlywed couple on their union and starting a new life together. You can congratulate them on finding the right partner, completing each other’s life, on the moment destiny has let them meet and fall in love with each other, and so on. You can also give them best wishes for their future life, for making an amazing couple, for happiness in their lives, to get lots of blessings and success, and spending a peaceful life for years together. And you can thank them for making you the part of their celebration, remembering you on their happiest moment of life, and so on. These types of messages can be written on the wedding card, if the couple is younger to you, or amongst your close friends or relatives, or also for a wedding you are attending just formally.


Those who have a good sense of humor can quote endless funny messages in the wedding card. These types of messages should be written only for a wedding of extremely close people. You should not make fun of people who you know not very closely. Make fun of the couple for losing their freedom for life, losing the chance to look at other gals/guys, for having to eat a boring meal everyday till death, and numerous other things. Funny messages create an air of relaxation during the stressful state of the couple for managing the wedding. And their laughter is attributed to you. You can also add the message of congratulations and best wishes in funny messages.


If you are a religious person or know a lot about the religion of the couple, you can incorporate your knowledge in the messages. E.g. you can write a particular episode or quote from Bible. And also you can write the message in the ancient Latin language. So also, you can quote Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or Jewish messages. Remember that such messages should not be funny, so as not to hurt the religious feelings.

After all, if you have the best wishes for the newlywed couple, your any message will please them, so you need not worry. Don’t get stressed with a thought of what to write in the wedding card. Be at ease; think a little and you can write the best message.

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