Why should You Lose Weight before Your Wedding?

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wedding weight loss planAre you in search of your significant one, but are worried if you could meet one or not, because you are too overweight for him? Or you have engaged already and now want to lose weight fast before your big day so that you can flaunt that superb strapless or transparent or sheath wedding gown and wouldn’t have to go around in search of plus size wedding dresses with sleeves which can hide the fleshy tires on your back and arms? Yes, you really have to lose weight for your wedding – but not so fast, baby! First understand why you should lose weight and then try for it.

Rapid Weight Loss can Ruin Your Big Day

If your eyes open at the eleventh hour that you are going to look bad in your wedding photos due to your flabby cheeks and chin, big fleshy back, fatty arms, and huge tummy and butt, and you start dieting desperately while your wedding is around the corner, take my word for it – your big day is going to be ruined because of your weakness, paleness, tiredness, exhaustion, vitamin deficiency and an overall ill health! Therefore, as soon as you fix the date of your wedding, you should start dieting (if only you are overweight; skinny brides-to-be, don’t take up any dieting program please; instead, pay attention to your wedding planning).

Not for Beauty, But for Health

It’s obvious that brides try losing weight because they should “look” their best on their big day and in the wedding photographs, which they would keep watching for years to come and don’t want to be ashamed while doing so. But your main aim should primarily be health and secondarily be beauty. Here are two strong reasons for that:

  1. Being overweight or obese is bad for your sex life. Your sexual urge can be suppressed because of the extra weight. This can ruin your relationship with your husband.
  2. Extra weight reduces your chances of being pregnant. Unless you (and your partner) don’t want children, you won’t want to be distressed with the fact that you are suffering from PCOS and so cannot become pregnant!

And of course, extra weight is associated with many other diseases though they are not related to married life.

The bottom line is, as soon as you get engaged or even before you get engaged, take up a wedding weight loss plan that would help you acquire a healthy weight due to which you would not only look beautiful on your big day and in your wedding photos, but also can enjoy a bouncing health all through your married life.

I would suggest you to go through HealthyDietsOnline.com where they have a fantastic wedding weight loss plan, useful advice, books and much more.

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