A Wonderful Wedding For All Seasons

Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Wedding seasons |

When you plan your wedding ceremony and reception, it is obvious that you must have already planned the location, color scheme, wedding gown and the flowers that are available during that time. If you create your wedding based on the season, you will be making a unique ceremony while keeping the trends of that season. Some tips to consider while planning a wedding according to season are as follows:

Spring Brides

This is the time of celebration, renewal and birth, it is an official wedding season of nature. Spring the best time to think about having outdoor weddings, Victorian floral themes and garden parties. It works out economical as you don’t have to have many decorations for outdoor weddings.

Wedding outfit: Light colors, baby blue, lilac, yellow, soft green and light pink. Decorate yourself with season’s fresh blooms. Bridesmaids also should consider the same thing.

Food Menu: Fresh fruit drinks, strawberries and cream, flavors of citrus and poultry.

Favors: Favors that are garden or flower themed, potpourri sachets, seed packets and wonderful herbal teas make a perfect wedding favors.

Summer Brides

When we say summer, all that comes to our mind is sea, sand and sun. It is difficult to compare summer beach themed wedding with anything else. Having a wedding based on beach theme is something that brings you close to beach, even if you have not planned to get married near the shore. If you are lucky enough, plan your wedding at the beach with the soft waves sloshing at the shores as you walk with your partner. You can also think of your honeymoon at seaside resorts and cottages.

Wedding outfits: Sea colors, soft sea greens, gentle touch of shimmer with shades of pearl, and azure blue are just perfect. Shell and pearl jewelry are good to go with the above mentioned attires. Light linens and soft silks are perfect for beach wedding.

Menu: When you are planning a beach wedding, seafood is compulsory. It should be combined with coastal menu. Beach themed cocktails, chilled sherbets and coconut water are great addition to the menu.

Wedding Favors: Shell tea light candles and starfish with your wedding date and name on customized tags are perfect.

Fall Brides

We see riches colors of the year during fall. Warm golds, deep browns, excellent reds and fiery oranges make a beautiful scene that the groom and bride can remember forever. Fall or autumn is the time of chill of winter, which makes wonderful background light and cool nights. You can think of having ceremony along with a bonfire.

Wedding outfit: Browns, russet, greens and rich gold colors would be great.

Menu: Ale and Cider is the drink of fall. Think of having rich wedding menu with red meat and apple crumble as well.