Autumn Wedding Myths – Busted!

Posted by on Sep 16, 2012 in Wedding seasons |

If you are planning or organizing autumn wedding, you are surely encountering many myths related to this wedding season. Yes, the truth is you can use some of the autumn wedding ideas, when it comes to color scheme, wedding favors and theme, but it is all your own decision and you should keep that in mind. So, let’s take a look at some autumn wedding myths and let’s bust them!

Fall Faliage is a must on your autumn wedding. No, it is not. The truth is you do not have to ignore the season completely, but you can use some summery, bright colors or even spring pastels. What about a nice combination of two seasons? Glam shade of gold and classic navy blue? Mocha brown combined with red? These are only some suggestion and if you open your mind, you will find amazing color combination to express your own style and preferences. However, if you like some classic autumn hues, you can highlight them with some unexpected attractive tints, for example, burnt orange.

Pumpkins must be incorporated. Yes, you can use pumpkins as filling for a starter dish, but they do not have to be part of your wedding theme. Autumn is a harvest season, so even if you want some autumn decor elements, you can choose millet or wheat to reflect autumn atmosphere. Champagne grapes, pears, apples can also highlight the autumn season in the more subtle ways.

Autumn wedding festivity has to be held indoors. If you dream about an outdoor wedding, you can manage it even if it is an autumn wedding. Use enough heat lamps and you will be able to hold the ceremony and the cocktail reception outdoors, no matter the temperature. Of course, it is recommended to retreat inside for dessert and dancing, because autumn nights are too chilly. When you write and send invitations, give your invitees heads-up to bring some scarves and jackets.