4 Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in Wedding seasons |

white and apricot roses wedding bouquetAre you planning your beautiful autumn wedding? One of the tasks you have to accomplish is choosing wedding flowers. Which autumn flowers will fit your personal style best? Your wedding gown says a lot about your personality, but so do the wedding flowers. We know that choosing the right bouquet that will express both your personality and the overall wedding tone is not an easy thing to do. We have been browsing some flower shops (Charlotte flower shop, for example) and other wedding vendors and here are some clever autumn wedding bouquet ideas to help you decide.

1. Sophisticated and Romantic: White and Apricot Roses Bouquet

If you want fresh flowers in your wedding bouquet, but still you go for sophisticated and romantic look, this is the right choice for you. If you add brown leaves and succulents, your fall wedding bouquet will fit perfectly with the reserved off beat bride you certainly are. 

plum hot pink roses and orange calla lilies2. Beautiful and Bold: Plum and hot pink roses with orange calla lilies

If you want to really stand out, go for combining bright and dark flowers, but choose a really unique mix. There is no need for touches of neutral colors and brown, this bold bouquet will fit into your autumn wedding theme anyway.

3. Elegant and Eclectic: Brooch Wedding Bouquet

If you want the touch of real elegance, why wouldn’t you ditch the fresh flowers for an elegant brooch bouquet? Pick jewelry pieces with touches of bronze, gold, topaz and amber and combine them with leopard prints, pearls and silk flowers.

country inspired wedding bouquet4. Country Inspired: Dried Flower Wedding Bouquet

If you want real flowers in your wedding bouquet and still you are afraid they might wilt, go for country inspired dried flower wedding bouquet. It is perfect for fall themed, but also barn or country weddings, especially if you want to add touch of hippie chic look to your big day.

If you want something completely different, even though your wedding is taking place in the Fall season, go for it! It’s your own wedding, so you should choose whatever works good for you.