Let All the Colors of Your Indian/Asian Wedding be Captured in the Camera

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Indian wedding collageAsian and especially Indian wedding is a truly spectacular event with a lot of colors, flowers, jewelry, dresses, and an unending excitement in the atmosphere. Indians like to chat with each other on various topics and when they meet on the occasion of a wedding, they are happy more than the wedding couple to meet each other and chat! So, if a photographer is dreaming of shooting a small slice of real life, s/he should take the opportunity to shoot an Indian wedding. Vilija at VSFoto.co.uk is such a passionate Asian wedding photographer who is in love with shooting real people and real life, involved in Asian weddings.

Vilija is based in Preston and is covering weddings in Preston, Bolton, Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire for ten years. She works with a creative close-knit team who are equally passionate about wedding photography as she is.

What’s so Special about Asian/Indian Weddings?

No matter, whether it is small or big, whether it is in their own country or in a Western country, Indians celebrate their weddings in the most colorful way. They love to wear bright colors like red, green, yellow, blue, golden and silver, adorned with heavy embroidery and embellishments on the occasion of weddings. All bright colors denote happy occasions and so, Indians make a generous use of bright colors in weddings.

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Indian weddings generally have no theme. The bright colors are just haphazard. Moreover, heavy jewelry is also an important part of Indian weddings. Not only the bride, but all women attending the wedding wear heavy jewelry, gold, pearls, diamonds or any other stones. Again, here too there is no particular theme. In short, the organization of colors and theme in Western weddings is absent in Indian weddings.

However, they are not less interesting! And so, they can attract any budding or proficient photographer to shoot them and get some lifelike shots.

Indian Wedding photography

Indian weddings also involve a lot of cultural ceremonies. Plus there are variations based on the region the couple (or one of them) might be belonging to. These rituals too are quite interesting and worth shooting.

Vilija’s Indian Wedding Photography

Vilija offers a true justice to Indian wedding by capturing each and every ritual like Ganesh Pooja, kanyadaan, Jaimala, sindoor, tilak, pheras, sangeet, viddai and more. She doesn’t forget to capture the most important components of an Indian wedding like pundit, mandap, and others.

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Unobtrusive and Relaxed

Vilija shoots a wedding in an unobtrusive and relaxed manner, capturing some of the most important emotions and feelings, bursting in an Indian wedding, including tears and laughter, and sighs and smiles!

Journalist Style Indian Wedding Photography

Vilija is specialized in journalistic style of wedding photography, and there is a lot of happening in an Indian wedding giving a lot of scope for Vilija to use her talent. She incorporates classis style poses beautifully in journalistic photography making your wedding story album unique and valued.

Indian Wedding photography

Though price should not hold you back from buying the service of an excellent photographer, it should be mentioned that prices of Vilija’s work are much affordable against its high quality. So, if you are in search of a photographer that will give real justice to your Indian/Asian wedding, look no further than Vilija, and let all the colors of your big day be captured in her camera to delight you for years!

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