Summer Weddings: 3 Tips on Choosing Shoes

Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Wedding seasons |

white_rhinestones_wedges_bridal_sandals_peep_toe_t_strap_adjustable_buckle_wedding_shoes1_1The shoes you wear on your big day can make or break your wedding outfit and every woman knows that. When choosing that perfect pair of sandals for your summer wedding, there are many factors that should be considered. Your footwear has to match the theme, the location, the dress and they have to fit and be functional. I’ll give you 3 tips on picking for the right pair of shoes for your important summer event in order to make that shopping experience enjoyable and indulging for you!

1. Opt for Embellishments

A summer wedding is not all about functionality, it requires some flair. Your shoes don’t have to be extravagant, but they need to be more than just a pair of plain rubber soles. If you only add a small bow (matching the theme) to a pair of simple sandals, they’ll be transformed into feminine, lovely wedding sandals. Or you could opt for rhinestone-embellished straps that, if matched with appropriately with your gown, will add nice sparkle to the whole wedding outfit. If you’re planning a beach wedding or a beach-themed wedding, you can choose one of those beautiful sandals with starfish or seashells embellishments.

2. Size Matters

This could happen to you: you locate the most beautiful pair of sandals that would match your wedding gown, theme and venue, but they aren’t available in your size. Should you go for the wrong size instead? Absolutely not! You’ll spend so much time walking, standing and dancing at your wedding, so it’s of the highest importance to get the pair that’s an appropriate fit in order to prevent blisters and soreness. If it’s extremely hard for you to find the correct size, invest in handmade wedding shoes. Not only will they fit you perfectly, but you’ll be able to choose the fabrics, the embellishments, the color and shade, the heel height… Well, handmade wedding shoes mean you’ll be able to choose everything about them which is truly amazing!

3. Venue also Matters

Some summer weddings take place on the beach, not all. I hate when someone suggests sandals without heels for summer weddings, because they are more practical. Yes, they are more appropriate for walking and dancing around in the sand. But, if your ceremony takes place in a ballroom or a church, don’t restrict your footwear choices to flat sandals! So, you know your venue and you’ll know what to choose.