10 Innovative Wedding Photo Ideas

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HeartWedding is doubtlessly a dream occasion for the bride and the groom. But it is also a great occasion for the wedding guests because they meet the couple-to-be as well as other relatives and friends, chat with them, share things, eat, drink and dance together, and have lots of fun. One of the main events during a wedding is the photography session. Have a look at Jetaimeweddings.ca for fun wedding photos which are not only enjoyable for the wedding couple, but also for others who attended the weddings. Not only people, but you can also incorporate things related to your wedding in your wedding photos and thus create an outstanding wedding photo album. Here are some innovative wedding photo ideas.

1. Create a Light Portrait of Your Love

Wedding sparklers are nowadays hugely popular. What a more wonderful use of these sparklers can be than to express the love between the newly-wedding lovebirds?


2. Incorporate Nature’s Immensity

Take photos on the backdrops like skies, sprawling meadows, bursting ocean wave or mountains, and incorporate the immensity of Nature in your wedding photos.



3. Incorporate Nature’s Colors

Nature is not only immense, but She is also colorful! Incorporate Her colors in your photos.

Nature's colors

4. Catch Reflections or Shadows

Catch an unforgettable shot of reflections of your wedding party in a lovely water body, like a lake or a pool. You can even catch their shadows to make an equally wonderful shot.

reflection in water


5. Making One Heart

Huddle up the wedding party or the bridesmaids and groomsmen making them stand together with you in a shape of heart, and capture the photo from above.


6. Incorporate Traditionally Dressed Participants

If you are holding a destination wedding in an exotic location, these photos are must. These colorful photos will adorn your wedding album even more.

traditional dress- india

traditional - Lankan

7. Shoe Toss

Just like the bouquet toss, capture a fun moment of shoe toss. Get the bridesmaids together and capture the shoe toss in mid-air.

shoe toss

8. Cinephiles, Capture Your Wedding Party in a Movie Theater

A movie theater is a great place to catch the wedding party’s images watching a film together with the newlywed couple.

movie theater

9. Raising A Toast

Gather bridesmaids or groomsmen to have them raise a toast together and shoot it from below.

raise a toast

10. Unique Wedding Decoration

If your wedding decoration is unique, you should take as many photos as you can to remember the uniqueness and be proud in the forthcoming years.

unique wedding decorations

If your wedding album is full of such unique photos, it will please your wedding guests too who play an important role in your life.