10 Simple Tips to Make Your Wedding Video Look Great

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Emanuele Mura Wedding FilmsA video of your special day is made with one ultimate purpose and it’s that you should be able to relive those awesome memories whenever you’ll watch the video in the future. Naturally, the video should be outstanding.

But it’s not only the videographer’s duty to capture such an outstanding video. You on your own should take care of some factors as well to contribute to a beautiful wedding video.

Emanuele Mura is a professional Italian wedding videographer who aims at creating true stories representing the newlyweds’ style and personality. You can see his outstanding work in this article. He shares tips here about what a videographer needs from the wedding couple so that the video becomes just as you desire.

1. Be Natural

You will be captured by a camera in your wedding and not a movie. Although you’ll have to pose before the camera for some formal photos, you want to look what you are otherwise. So, be natural while you are being filmed. You may even imagine that there is no camera and no one is watching you. Smile and laugh to your heart and be relaxed all the time.

Emanuele Mura Wedding Films

2. Simple Tricks

If you can’t afford it, you don’t need to go for a destination wedding to make your wedding video awesome. You can just spice up your video with a floral installation or rose wall behind your sweetheart table!

Emanuele Mura Wedding Films

3. Be Sure about Great Sound and Speak Clearly

You’ll agree that a great video (not only wedding videos) looks great when paired with a great sound. Make sure your video contains all the sounds from your vows to speeches and speak clearly so that you and everyone else can hear you while watching the video later. Be sure you prepare your speech in advance and project your voice properly when you will be given the mic. (But first make sure mics would be provided in the first place).

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4. Provide Your Videographer with Maximum Information

Professional wedding videographers have years of experience which enable them to know the flow of the weddings. But they can’t read your mind. To avoid their confusion and resulting shortcomings in your wedding film, provide your videographer with as much information as you can about the day’s schedule and itinerary including any surprises to be arranged for the bride, groom or guests, suggests Emanuele Mura at Emanuele Mura Wedding Films. There may even be certain special events that might be only some seconds long. Be sure to let your videographer know about them before they take place or during your meeting with the videographer.

Emanuele Mura Wedding Films

5. Don’t Miss the Golden Hour

You want your wedding photos as well as wedding video to be beautiful and they will essentially contain outdoor shots; however, what looks beautiful in photos doesn’t always look beautiful in the video. But there is a time of the day upon which all photographers and videographers agree that it’s the golden hour to capture outstanding outdoor photos and video. It’s the afternoon! During an afternoon, there is a golden hue spread in the air which offers the desired romantic glow to your love story. Well, it’s not easy to sync up with the scorching sun; but you’ll get an amazing set of shots in return that you’ll be proud of.

6. Let it Be Intimate

Showing love towards your spouse before hundreds of guests may not be easy for everyone. However, you can certainly include a surprise love message for your partner in your wedding video. You just have to sit the night before the big day and write down what you love about her/him, when and why the love started and what you expect for your future. Then in the morning of the wedding, your videographer will shoot you reading the letter before you send it over. Or you may read your fiancé’s letter to you. Whichever option you choose, it’s sure to make you laugh and cry at the same time, whenever you’ll watch it in the future.

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7. Enjoy Your First Dance Only with Your Spouse

Many couples look at the first dance as a duty of some sort rather than something to be enjoyed. Although it’s tempting to invite your friends and family on the dance floor just after a few seconds, it doesn’t give much time to your videographer to shoot your dance that they need for your wedding video. Thus, the more time you spend dancing with each other, the better it is for your wedding film.

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8. Treat Your Videographer like Your Guests

Keep in mind that your videographer will be working hard for you standing throughout the day and s/he is a professional, having great expertise in her/his field. Naturally s/he deserves respect. You don’t need to involve them in the group of your close friends or introduce them to your every guest. You just need to be respectful towards them, ensure if they had a full meal and treat them like your other guests and not different.

9. Request Your Guests to Cooperate with the Videographer

Definitely the love of your friends and family is seen when they are eager to capture your wedding on their own cameras or phones. However, their enthusiasm should not be an obstacle for your videographer. Talk to your guests and request them for cooperation with the professional. It’s also important that your photographer doesn’t block the line of vision of the videographer; so, you should ensure this too by talking to your photographer.

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1o. Know What You Can Have

Today’s technology can give you almost everything you wish. Thus if you want any special effects in your wedding film, you can have it. For example you can make your film look like a 1950s black-and-white film or a vintage Super 8- or 16-mm home movie post production. An expert wedding videographer like Emanuele Mura at his Emanuele Mura Wedding Films can give you such special effects. Therefore, while discussing with your videographer in your first meeting, know from him what you can have. You can even have three different versions though you may be considering only full high-definition. With these three versions, viz. small for e-mailing or for watching on your phone or tablet, medium for online posting and high-definition for TV, you can share it electronically with ease and watch it anywhere you want.

Emanuele Mura Wedding Films

All in all, making your video awesome is also in your control, just like it is in your videographer’s control. So, remember these tips and look forward to a great wedding and a great wedding video.