16 Awesome Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

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personalized jewelry boxYour big day is about you. However, there are many others who help you to achieve this day. They are your parents, siblings, other relatives and your dearest friends, i.e. your bridesmaids and groomsmen (in case of grooms)! While to all other guests you can gift something unique and special, bridesmaids’ gifts can be more personalized and tuned with your bridal ensemble, and that will create a fantastic vista on your event as well as in your wedding photos which you will cherish for years. Here are some fantastic ideas for groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts which you would love to include in your big day.

Gifts for Bridesmaids

1. Personalized Jewelry Box

Your bridesmaids will love this jewelry box with about 3 ¼ inch long, 1 ¾ inch wide and 1 ¼ inch deep compartments. It has a rich cushion. Add a 12-character long line to personalize it.

personalized jewelry box

2. Personalized Irish Pride Coffee Mug

This is a beautiful item with an eye-catching design which is perfect for Irish bridesmaids to flaunt their Irish Pride whenever they will sip a drink from this mug. This is a heavyweight ceramic mug featuring the much-loved Irish shamrock as well as a shield in the colors of Irish national flag. It holds 15 ounces of drink.

irish pride coffee mug

3. Unity Candle Stand

This lovely unity candle stand is hand printed, hand polished and heirloom quality and can be an awesome gift for the wedding couple. Candles can be banded with ribbons of any of four colors of your choice. You can choose between ivory and white candle, ink color and ribbon color. You can personalize it with wedding date and first names of the bride and groom.

unity candle stand

4. Personalized Black Leather Stash Tray

This is a wonderful gift for anyone, bridesmaids, groomsmen or the wedding couple. It is classy and holds the items you don’t want to lose. So, from now onwards you or your bridal party members won’t keep their pricy belongings just anywhere.

stash tray

5. Tree of Love Canvas Print

This beautiful item signifies the commitment of a couple in a time-tested way. It features a tree carved in the names of the couple and the wedding date is an ideal gift that will become a superb piece of art.

tree of love canvas print

6. Personalized Cocktail Shaker

This is a unique Personalized Mixologist Cocktail Shaker featuring a medallion. This is a great gift for bridesmaids or groomsmen with a well-stocked bar. These shakers are 3-piece and are tough and air tight. You can choose amongst 5 different medallions which can be personalized. This fantastic shaker holds 20 ounces.

cocktail shaker

7. 2-in-1 Cooler Duffle Bag

Your bridal party members will be utmost pleased with this personalized bags which are perfect for the gym, a beach, a picnic or even sometimes to take to office. It is brightly colored and very attractive to look at and its specialty is a large water-tight central compartment which is insulated. It also has side and front pockets for dry items. Its bottom can also act as a divider. It has a very convenient, adjustable, handy shoulder strap. It can hold up to 36 cans and ice! Personalize it with embroidery in thread of your choice of color.

duffle cooler bag

8. Leather Wallet and Money Clip

Your bridal party members will love the soft silky feel of this personalized Leather Wallet and Magnetic Money Clip. The wallet features expert stitching and an exterior money clip having magnetic closure. The interior of the wallet has a thumb tab smart cutout for an easy insertion and retrieval of credit and debit cards.

leather wallet for groomsmen

Groomsmen’s Gifts

9. Personalized Wingman’s Flask

This flask has a satiny gunmetal finish adorned with a colorful design features a hip look and feel. This is perfect for anyone who loves to sip now and again. The flask is sturdy and has a tough screw-up cap. Each of your groomsmen can get one. You have beautiful choices in designs like dazzling Red Hot, classic “Special Reserve”, preppy argyle print and unique “Private Label”! You can personalize them by choosing your favorite design, role (Groomsman, Best Man, Groom or Usher) and add a personalized line of up to 15 characters and year.

personalized wingman's flask

10. Custom Mini Whiskey Barrel

This cute little mini whiskey barrel will take your groomsmen to the far-off countryside where there are grape vines, fragrant air, rolling meadows, and much more, enough to make them nostalgic. This gift is perfectly suitable to a country wedding, barn wedding or a cellar wedding. And specialty of this gift is it can be a bridesmaid’s gift or a groomsmen’s gift! You can get it personalized by engraving, which will make it still more exquisite.

whiskey barrel

11. Personalized Cherry Wood Humidor

This unique, high quality cherry wood humidor maintains the freshness of cigars indefinitely. Cigars being natural items, need protection and care more than any other perishable objects and therefore this humidor is perfect for them. It has a classy brass plate which can be personalized with up to 20 characters.


12. Personalized Pin Stripe Cufflinks

These handsome Pin Stripe Cufflinks are classy and can be engraved to be personalized. They are round and have a silver tone with a black thin inset stripe along the perimeter and a traditional shank design. Your groomsmen are going to love this gift.

pin stripe cufflinks

13. Lowball Shot Set

This Lowball Shot Set consists of two lowball glasses and a pair of shot glasses. Lowball shots can hold an ounce while glasses can hold up to 8 ounces. This gift will definitely delight your groomsmen.

lowball shot set

14. Zippo Black Ice Lighter

This handsome lighter is a slicker, darker version of the Zippo chrome lighter. This is an ideal gift for groomsmen and can act as a valuable keepsake. It comes with the renowned Zippo Lifetime Guarantee.

zippo lighter

15. Personalized Men’s T-shirts

Who doesn’t want trendy clothes? Everyone does. Your groomsmen too are not exception. They will be surely amazed to receive these 50/50 cotton polyester t-shirts, personalized in whatever way you want.


16. Personalized Silver Yo Yo

Are your groomsmen playful? Well, they should be and in that case this lovely silver yo yo is an ideal gift for them. This can be a great keepsake as well as lots of fun!

yo yo

RJsPersonlizedGifts at Etsy have all these and many more fun items which you can gift to your bridal party members and receive their praises for your creativity!