3 Amazing Tips for Singaporean Brides to Personalize their Pre-wedding Photos

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Singapore pre-wedding photo tipsIf you are excited about your pre-wedding photography, it’s good. However, many couples experience a lot of stress during the pre-wedding photo shoot, just because they don’t prepare for it. And when it comes to Singaporean couples, you may easily get bored with a limited number of locations if you don’t do your homework about the ample number of shooting locations the country has to offer. Here are tips for you to personalize your pre-wedding photo shoot and make it interesting in Singapore.

1. Bring Your Own Props

This is one of the easiest methods of personalizing your pre-wedding photos. A prop is not correct or incorrect because props are things that have a meaning for you. Just see to it that you can easily carry them to the location and from one location to the next. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Gifts You have Given to Each Other: All the Valentine Day gifts, birthday gifts and other gifts you have given to each other carry a meaning for both of you. They can make excellent props to personalize your photos.
  • Identical Belongings: You might have worn or used things that are identical to each other, e.g. identical t-shirts, watches, shoes, or anything else. It’s great to wear them in the pre-wedding photo shoot to personalize the photos.
  • Engagement Rings/Wedding Bands: This is indeed a prop that will best suit your photos and will personalize them at the same time.

Of course, you can bring other props like flowers, balloons etc to add a fun element to the photos. However, take care of managing time if you have a lot of props, because conditions outdoor may change any time and it’s necessary to manage the setting of those props well.

Derrick and Mandy Annabel Law props

2. Find the Best Locations

If you think that Singapore has a limited number of locations, you have not done your homework, as said earlier. Here are some suggestions for locations with which you can personalize your photos:

  • First date locations: It may be a beach, a park, a shopping mall, or anything! If you don’t remember your first date location, may god save you!
  • School: If you and your partner were schoolmates, your school is a great location for photos. Same is the case with the college.

Kevin and Amanda 1st date location

3. Be Yourselves

Note how you are feeling before the camera. Are you feeling awkward, strange or shy? You just have to remember to be naturally yourselves. Don’t show false love to each other; whatever you would do, do it if you want it intensely. Don’t pretend to be someone else. For example, you might have seen your friend’s pre-wedding photos and want to pose like her – avoid that. Just be yourself.

Guanyi and Weeling be yourself

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