3 Excellent Tips on Choosing a Perfect Wedding Videographer

Posted by on Nov 7, 2018 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

Yvonne and Velvin by Annabel Law videographyHiring a wedding videographer for your big day is a daunting task because you want someone who is really skilled in documenting the special day and its charisma in a way so that you can relive those magical moments while watching the film again and again for years to come.

Singapore wedding videographer, Annabel Law, shares here a few useful tips to help you out in this daunting task.

1. Choose a Videography Style You’d Love

Various wedding videographers have various styles of interpreting weddings even though the order of events would be similar everywhere. Some videographers choose to focus on the funny moments of the day while others are more interested to capture the glamour, and still some others would take the story further through conversations and interviews of guests.

What you prefer is more important because it’s your day. Ask for the portfolio of the videographers on your list and examine their styles. Do you love to see your wedding in a filmy style? Or you like it more informal with guests laughing, talking and opening up before the camera? Once you choose your favourite style, it would be a little easier to shortlist your videographers.

2. Price is Sometimes Secondary

After all, it’s money you care for when all the planning of your wedding is being done. However, while hiring your wedding videographer, it’s better to keep your budget a little more flexible as you may get an excellent videographer for just a little higher price and it makes sense to hire her/him than the one who is cheaper but won’t make the video outstanding. The quality of work also includes the number of videographers assigned to you. A single videographer may miss an important moment and your once in the lifetime video may be spoiled. Additional videographers are essential to ensure all your important moments are captured.

3. Long is Not Necessarily Good

It’s agreed that your wedding video should not be very short. But having it very long doesn’t prove that it’s good neither it’s making the most of your money because it may tire the audience with its length. The best way is to prefer a length which can capture all the important events and guests, fun as well as emotional moments, and isn’t too long to bear for your guests.

It’s better to interview your videographer and ask whatever doubts you want to clear rather than repenting later. That way you can get your special day covered in such a way that you’ll feel proud to watch it anytime in the future.