3 Types of Wedding DJs to Help You Make the Right Decision

Posted by on Jan 18, 2020 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

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You’ve decided to hire a great DJ for your big day. You obviously want the DJ to be awesome and should please all your by guests creating a great atmosphere and tempt all of them to shake a leg. But how will you find such a DJ? Well, here are three main categories into most DJs fall. Read about them and decide which one you would prefer.

1. Organized Wedding DJs

DJs in this category, like DJ Niagara, are more concerned about creating and maintaining the smoothness of events, so as to free the bride, groom and family from any worries. Not essentially timeline-driven, such a DJ gives importance to the order of events from the entertainment perspective. Such DJs expertly handle things when something bad happens, sometimes even without letting the couple know about it. They make careful planning and preparation ahead of time which results in a great fun. Obviously such a DJ is a fulltime wedding DJ, carries all the licenses and DJ liability insurance and are true professionals, as they are serious about their work.

Organized Wedding DJ, DJ Niagara

2. Technology-oriented DJs

These DJs are very much interested in the technology used in their work. They will tell you how advanced their instrument is, what type of sound they bring, how many LED up-lights you should have, which computer or software they use, how many watts of sound they can use to deafen your guest etc. This is seemingly good. They’d have back up of their backup of their backup and so on. The advantage of these DJs is that they mostly have any song readily available on minimum 3 different sources. But the disadvantage may be that they’re often very loud and bright.

3. Fun-centered DJs

These DJs focus on fun. They wrongly assume that they are the center of the event. They are more like the typical radio DJs or mobile DJs who love goofy hats, crazy costumes and all lit up LED DJ façades and use some cheesy things like self-proclaimed dances, singing on the mic along with the songs or telling a joke in the beginning or making a cheap catcall to a bridesmaid across the room. You can easily identify just in the first meeting with such DJs that they are not genuine. They are often part-time DJs and usually have no liability insurance. However, you can choose this type of DJ if you want to have a great party at your wedding.

Know about the type of your DJ, think if you’ll be fine with them and then hire them. All the best!