4 Amazing Tips for Buying Perfect Wedding Flowers in Singapore

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

Keira FloralFlowers are of immense importance in any auspicious event; obviously, in weddings they are essential. A Singapore wedding is not an exception. However, with the ever rising prices of flowers, decorating her venue with wedding bouquet in Singapore is quite challenging for a bride on budget. However, there are a few easy solutions to this issue. Here are some such tips that will allow you to have a great flower decoration with a limited budget.

1. Find the Right Shopping Zones

If you want fresh flowers for your wedding in Singapore, Lavender Street and Thomson Road are the best places. Here you will get a lot of flower shops; grab yourself a shopping cart and pick up your favorites. At the Keira Floral shop, for example, be ready to be flabbergasted with the range of bouquets crafted with great skill and sense of beauty. This shop also offers workshops on flower arrangements.

2. Choose Local Flowers

While you may fall for the European beauties like anemones and peonies, you may not want to spend $40 or $50 per bunch that will eventually wilt quickly in the hot Singaporean climate. So, you better go for the local flowers that are not less beautiful in any way. Choose birds of paradise, heliconias, oncidium and many more, for $10 per bunch! You can even choose sunflowers if they are in season.

3. Choose Biggies

Rather than many small bouquets, if you choose a few big ones, they will create an illusion of the venue full of flowers. You can place these biggies at prominent places and your guests will feel that they are surrounded by flowers.

4. Don’t Neglect Foliage

Actually there is no need to mention to a girl, not to discard foliage. Girls have an inborn sense of beauty and so, they will never discard the leaves that come with the flowers and will also add new ones. Still, if you are removing the leave or not adding new ones, I will advise not to. Foliage adds an additional color to the flower arrangement, which is rarely seen in flowers – green. It also helps you to create fun shapes and add to the expanse of the arrangements. With the leaves, you can literally make your flower bouquets outstanding.

At Keira Floral you will find uniquely arranged flower bouquets that will make you adore them. Their flower arrangements are inspired by the nature and spread liveliness around, just appropriate for your big day. So, while searching for your wedding flowers, consider this amazing florist and you will thank yourself.