4 Amazing Ways to Save Big Bucks on Wedding

Posted by on Jan 4, 2020 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

cost of a wedding in Jaipur

No matter how joyful a wedding is, it’s certainly not a cheap affair. It includes hundreds of elements that are very costly, may be it is venue, décor, entertainment, catering, dresses or jewellery. So, what if one has a limited budget? Fortunately there are many tips and tricks to save on your wedding. Here are a few.

1. Choose a Venue on Outskirts of the City

Obviously venues close to the city’s attractions or in the middle of the town come at high costs. But if you book a venue on the outskirts of the city or even a little far from the city centre, you can save big bucks. Thus you can bring down the cost of a wedding in Jaipur, for example, just by booking the right venue.

Also, look for a venue which won’t compel you to hire their in-house vendors, because they can be expensive. In this case, open ground venues are perfect because you can get freedom to work with your preferred vendors and save significantly on costs. Also, the taxes for 3- or 5-star hotels are higher at 35%-40%, whereas for open ground they are just 10%-15%.

2. Choose Local Cuisine

Another major factor where you can make a significant saving is food. Instead of serving too many international foods, prefer local foods which are much more economical and in no way lag behind in taste, quality and nutrition.

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3. Ways to Save on Decorations

When you use artificial flowers and lights for decoration instead of real flowers and fabric, you not only save money, but also environment. You can also be creative and take the help of local craftsmen and use upcycled objects to add a unique touch to your décor that will come for a fraction of the cost.

4. Rent Your Wedding Dress and Jewellery

Wedding dresses and jewellery are another major expense. And ironically such expensive dresses are worn only once. But the fact is that you can’t buy cheap wedding dresses as you want to look grand on your big day and in your wedding photos. But fortunately here too you can save money. How? – simply by renting your wedding dress and jewellery instead of buying them. By renting wedding dresses and jewellery you can save up to 60%-70%.

If the idea of renting your wedding dress is not very appealing to you, another good option is to buy the dress and then reselling it after your event. Some designers nowadays even offer buy-back schemes for wedding dresses.

So, you can see that there are so many ways to throw a grand wedding and still save big bucks. Have you started planning?