4 Attractive Aspects of Wedding Videography

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Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is becoming increasingly popular. And along with getting popular, it’s evolving too from the days of cassette tapes and camcorders. Technology changes so quickly that there have been huge advancements in the wedding videography in just past few years.

There is no better idea than a wedding video to tell the story of your big day. Moreover, wedding videographers have started combining the advanced technology with creativity so as to capture the memories of your special day in a way that is intensely intimate, amusing and artistic.

1. Aerial Videography from Drones

A wedding videography feature that has become extremely popular in past few years is aerial videography from drones. Such footage can add lovely sky-high shots of your venue, which is stunning with a lot of outdoor scenery such as farms, vineyards, meadows or water bodies.

If you are dreaming of having the aerial footage of your big day from a drone, just make sure if your venue permits that. You should also make sure if your videographer is appropriately certified, licensed and insured.

2. Audio Feature

It’s not only the visual aspect that is special about videography but also the audio element which the photography lacks. With unobtrusive ear microphones, videographers are now able to capture crisp audios. Whether it’s the ceremony vows or the tearful whispers of the bride’s mother, the audios add liveliness to the wedding video.

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3. Family Members’ Contribution

Wedding videographers, together with the sweet moments of the wedding couple and their parents, also don’t fail to capture very special shots of friends and family members. These may include jokes cracked by childhood friends, advice by an old aunt about a happy marriage or a grooming suggestion by a cousin. A wedding video offers an excellent opportunity to capture footage of the most important people in your life. Some wedding videographers share experiences of weddings wherein a family member passes away soon after the wedding. Their appearance in the wedding video might be the last footage everyone has of that person. This is indeed a touching aspect of wedding videos.

4. Amusement Value

Wedding videos are not all about emotions and sentiments. They have a great amusement value. There are so many fun things the wedding couple and guests can do and capture in the video to make it hilarious. Watching such a video can be a great family entertainment.

So, have you started planning to have a video of your special day?