4 Awesome Preparation Photography Tips for Brides

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getting ready photo Cheshire‘Getting ready’ photos have now become almost essential in wedding photos. While spontaneity is the key to capturing natural photos, there can be a lot of planning and thought behind the prep photos in order to make the session awesome. Tobiah Tayo Photography, a leading wedding photographer in Cheshire, shares valuable tips for our brides-to-be to make these initial photos of your wedding album wonderful.

1. Choose a Spacious and Well-lit Room

Never choose a small room just for the sake of it! Bear in mind that it’s the room you will use to get ready, to look the most beautiful in your life, to wear your valuable dress and accessories and to get prepared emotionally to welcome the big day ahead. There should be a lot of space in the room so that you as well as your bridesmaids, hair and makeup artists as well as your photographer can get around comfortably. If you are confused about which room to choose, take the advice of your photographer. S/He will choose a room that has light just appropriate for your makeup and for photography.

2. Keep it Simple

When it comes to preparation photos, the simpler you keep things, the better. For example, a clean room with not many articles in it is good. Of course, it should have enough furniture like settees, mirrors, and even a recliner. Keep the room clean and clutter-free. Make sure that items like water bottles, makeup kits, combs etc are not scattered everywhere and make photo bombs in your prep photos.

3. Keep Details Ready

It’s not at all a good idea that you run here and there in search of the details you want to include in your prep photos after your photographer arrives. Collect them and keep them ready before the photographer arrives. Find out the special hanger on which you want to hang your dress and photograph, your wedding invitation, your shoes, your wedding corsets, an heirloom if possible and many such details that are important for you. Take help of your bridesmaids to arrange them.

4. What about the Guys?

You are planning for your prep photos but what about your better half and his guys? While photographing groom and groomsmen, most photographers prefer groomsmen to be fully dressed while the groom to be in pants and shirt unbuttoned so that they can capture groom’s photos while buttoning his shirt, putting on cufflinks, tying the tie etc. Then they would perhaps prefer to do some quick portraits of the groom alone and with the groomsmen. Here a small yet important tip is to keep your pockets empty; give charge of your wallet, keys, cell phones etc to someone else as these articles bulge the pockets and are not at all flattering.

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