4 Awesome Tips for Choosing a Perfect Men’s Wedding Ring

Posted by on Aug 11, 2017 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

gold 6mm half round men's wedding ringA wedding ring is unique in that it transcends being not just a symbol of your love or a fashion accessory; it is a combination of the two. A best chosen wedding ring will let you show your bond with your sweetheart as well as your personality. A guy usually puts a ton of thought into selecting an engagement ring for his fiancé, but when it’s time to choose his own wedding band or ring he may realize that he’s clueless about the options. Because you’ll wear it for your remaining life, and even it may be the single piece of jewellery you will wear, you should love your wedding band or ring every bit as much as your fiancé loves her carefully selected rings. There are a few things to consider when choosing wedding rings for men.

1) Metal choice

The metals traditionally used for men’s wedding rings are platinum, white gold, rose gold and palladium. For the traditionalist, the timeless classic, the gold band can allow him to maintain his distinguished look while also imbuing the sophistication and class of gold. Similar modest designs are also available with titanium and platinum rings. For those wishing to achieve the look with a more restrained budget can look for tungsten rings and tantalum rings which also come in simple, classic designs.


2) Combined with some flair


Classic single color, single metal and unadorned men’s wedding rings may look boring. In that case, multi-toned or patterned rings might be a great solution. Besides adding another color or another metal such as Tungsten and Tisten or Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel, or inlaying with a different material, models can have patterned edges or overlaid with a unique finish. They are a gentle diversion from the traditionalist options while still displaying an austere look.


3) Choice of gemstone

Many men might frown at the prospect of gemstone in their men’s wedding ring. Tastefully done, gemstones can enhance the beauty of the wedding band and give the wearer a wonderfully exquisite piece of jewelry with which to symbolize his marriage. Gemstones of one color or various colors can be inlaid along the entire band circumference or parts of it.


4) Comfort


If you plan to wear your ring all day, every day, comfort should be one of your prime concerns. Size, shape of the band edge, shape of the inside surface and band width are important things when you choose your ring. Men’s rings are usually 6mm or 7mm wide, with bands of 5mm. So you can choose an appropriate width when comfort is concerned.

Choose a perfect wedding ring with these tips and you’ll be proud to wear it on your big day.