4 Fantastic Tips to Hire a Destination Wedding DJ who will Play Just the Music You Want

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wedding DJ in ItalyA destination wedding may be as challenging as it’s fun. The destination you’ve chosen is not known to you and so, you cannot be sure if the vendors you’ve chosen are good until the day of the wedding. In that case, you have to rely on the reviews and feedback of the other couples who used those vendors in the past. About food and decoration, you can do that; but, how to rely on reviews for a wedding DJ? How to ensure whether the DJ you choose will play the music you love, especially when your destination is an altogether different country?

The music you and your guests love is from your country and your destination wedding DJ Italy or Spain or any other country need not be familiar with that music. If you want your guests to be fully entertained and have a good time, you should ensure that your wedding DJ will play such music that everyone would wish to shake a leg and the dance floor would be full for the entire evening.

Is there any way to ensure this? Yes, there is!

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1. Meet the DJ if Possible


If you will be visiting the site of your wedding before the actual event, don’t forget to meet up the DJs you have shortlisted and request them to do demos so that you can check their styles.


2. Ask Him to Send a Recording


If you won’t be visiting the destination in person, you can ask your DJs to send you an audio or video from their past weddings. This should be quite easy in the times of YouTube.

3. Give the List of Your Favorite Songs to the DJ

The best way to ensure that the DJ will play yours and your guests’ favorite songs is to send the list of those songs to the DJ. How to find your guests’ favorite songs? An easy way is to ask your guests to send their favorite songs on your website or on Facebook or Twitter using a special hashtag.

Next, you can send the list as it is to your DJ or prepare a balanced list from the collection of songs that everyone, whether old or young, dancers or non-dancers and females or males would love. With this, you can be confident that the songs your destination wedding DJ Italy or any other place  will please you and all your guests.

Of course, you should start this, months before the wedding, as all your guests should be able to send the songs and the DJ should get time to get those songs and practice mixing them.

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4. Should You Give Such a List?


Some people won’t find the idea of sending the DJ such a list because you should trust the professional’s talent for what you are paying them. That’s right in a way because if you have hired a DJ, you should trust him; heck, that’s why you have hired him.

However, as it’s a destination wedding, you have a limited choice, and in such a case, if you have even the slightest hesitation, you should go with your gut.

After all, this is your wedding and you are going to spend your money; therefore, if you are concerned about if they will play techno for the whole night and you are a pop music fan, you have every right to hand them “play” and “not-to-play” lists.

The other side of this is that you should also make sure whether your DJ is comfortable with this approach. But the best thing is to be free from worries that your favorite music will be played on your big day.

Of course, you have the choice of taking a DJ who you absolutely love from your own city to your wedding destination to ensure that you would have just your favorite music. However, if you are on a tight budget, finding a wedding DJ at your destination is a better idea and you can ensure that he happens to be good with the above tips.

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